Question about Mantra of Evasion

I've been using Mantra of Evasion and I've noticed that the effect of spamming it is an "Increase to dodge incoming attacks by 15% for 3 seconds" but I'm only seeing my Dodge Chance increase from 57 to 63. I was just curious if there was a reasoning behind not seeing the said full 15%. Thanks for the time.
15% of your remaining 43% chance to be hit is 6.45%. Multiplicative.

If it was additive, then it would be technically possible to get near 100% with every single dodge enhancing skill and passive.
thank you very much!
diminishing returns son
10/28/2013 12:52 AMPosted by DjPoop
diminishing returns son

No. Not the same thing. Every 15% dodge chance increases your EHP by 20/17.

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