Player Rankings - SURVEY!


Please take this survey on who you think is the best Brawler out there. This will help us seed our tournaments a little better! Thank you!
Placed my vote.

Btw, I wonder if I can take an advisory role to throw in some views when the first draft of bracket is drawn?
I placed my vote, but I picked players of different classes. Should the seeding maybe be done by class and then by player instead of by player directly? I know for a fact some classes will have issues (even with proposed rules) unless they are a "MASTER" of that class and can WOFI (not going to explain that acronym).

Edit: I see the tournament is splitting the prizes by class. How will that work? What if say all of the players of certain class get eliminated in round 1 and this creates a multi-way tie amongst those players of that class? How is the prize for that class split?

Also, what if the following happens: Barb A (the best Barb) loses to Monk C (3rd best Monk) early on in the tournament and Barb C (3rd best Barb) loses to say Witch Doctor B (2nd best Witch Doctor) later on. Barb B would place higher but would lose to Barb A in a 1v1 setting amongst the Barbs, does that mean Barb B "wins" although they aren't the best in the ditto match with Barb A?

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