before i buy, can i local brawl?

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I understand that you can brawl on xbox live but my friends and I usually play local on my xbox only sharing the same screen. Now my big question is, can I do a brawl with them locally on the same screen and same xbox?
how will that work
it works by you go into the brawling area and then fight. i'm not sure what your question is.
I mean will the screen just zoom out like it does in co op if we're far apart?
Are you asking if a local co-op brawl is different from an online one? Brawling in a local co-op game begins the same way it does as online. One of the players talks to Nek the Brawler (you can find him in town for any Act), and gets an invite to the Scorched Chapel. All of the local co-op players are then transported to the Scorched Chapel where the slug fest begins!
Wow thanks Blue! I've been trying to find that information but i couldn't find it anywhere while googling. I was searching on the title screen for the option to brawl but i didn't realize it was a char in game.!!!

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