Skill in RoS most looking forward to using

Tough to decide but I'm gonna go with the lightning meteor rune and scorch (I loved firewall in d2 but it was difficult to aim. Scorch will emanate from your wizard plus have front loaded damage from the orb itself.) Oh and frozen orb of course!
Archon. I'm hopeful to be able to make it work in specific areas. I can't wait to try this build out on the pre-expansion patch PTR.

I'm also hopeful that BlizzCon will shed some more light on everything, including the state of the crucial CM for it.
Blizzard (the skill). Definitely interested in seeing this as viable on highest difficulty, instead of robot-mindspam.
Also Frozen Orb, curious how it will "swoosh" the field haha
10/31/2013 03:20 PMPosted by mzy
Pulsar! The fun one, with the huge countdown and the mega-damage. I'm still hopeful. I beliiiiieve!

Don't forget the taunt.
-Black Hole

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