What MP level shoud i run?

This is my current build and gears, what MP level can you recommend?

MP1, maybe 2? Your DPS and mit is really low.

Perhaps check out one of my guides below.
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With that dps, I'd say mp2-4
I would say MP1, MP2 at the highest. I don't have a 60 Wizard yet, so I cannot say for sure, but your DPS is really low, and EHP could use a little work.
MP 2

follow this useful link:

Huh? No, you can go a little higher than MP1-2 in your current gear me thinks. I can't see MP3-4 giving you too many issues. If it does, just drop down an MP til you find a good spot.

You should be able to find a better chant's force for pennies on the AH. That thing is awful. Then, get a wand with crit damage (or IAS) instead of vit.

You mit/EHP will still be kinda low to go much higher than MP5 or 6 but you'll at least have some DPS if you make those 2 little changes.
I'm with Booster on this one. 1-2 seems beneath you based on gear. I would say...you really aren't in a position to be running a ruby in your helm...But a Life % gem will do wonders for you since you've stacked an incredible amount of vitality.

Again, I agree with Booster on that force. That thing is terribad. Your gear suggests to me that you have a basic understanding of what you have to do - so if money is an option, get your gold up, and go through one piece at a time. You're not off to a terrible start at all.
Thanks for your response guys!
Much appreciated!

I've made some changes, thats all i can afford for now.
This changes, made my MP2 runs a lot easier. Maybe ill try MP4 next game
MP4 tops. I would not suggest anything over MP1 though.
Added a few changes again on my gears and skills. Now i can run smoothly on MP3.
Thanks for all of your suggestions!
Two quick suggestions.

I would get another source of LoH. If you plan on keeping mempo, that means getting a roll of over 300 LoH on a ring or an ammy.

I think evocation instead of GC will give you improved performance and survivability. The extra diamond skin uptime will help with your low LoH for now. Plus, you get better freeze strength and more explosive blasts vs. single targets. So, the EDPS drop off won't be as high as the loss in sheet DPS from dropping GC would suggest. I highly recommend evo unless you have crazy high CC.
Sorry for being a noob, but i ask what is the ff terms:

2. sheet DPS
3. mit/EHP

I have a storm crow with LOH and CC, but no all resists, should i use that instead of mempo?
EHP is Effective Hit Point...that I know for sure but what does it mean really...even I was confused when I first saw some write this to me.

EHP is all about your defense from attacks and it's pretty much all different stats that relate to how much damage you can take before death.
Such as dodge, resist all, HP, damage reduced from melee & range etc.

E = Effective
DPS you should know Damage per second and therefor its Effective Damage Per Second.
EDPS and sheet DPS I think either unbuffed or buffed DPS due to skills...I not really sure about which is which since this is confusing with all the terms...as you might have to ask someone else on this.

But with your level Wiz at 70K Dps Superfreak you CAN do MP1-MP3 if you have the right skill build.
I can do MP4 with as low as 60K Dps on my Wiz, but it's preferred that I do around 90K since the elites will give me trouble.
60k dps on MP4 you will die a lot but you can still manage to kill them if you have the right build.
I wouldn't push it to MP5, as even I will need a few paragon level for that and a whole new set of equipment.

Helms are very tricky with Wizards since I do have two Storm crows myself but it's getting the high Intel roll for it can be frustrating.
Mempo will give you better IAS - attack speed from what I've heard.
But I've heard some say IAS is better than CD since you want your attacks and spells to come out faster.
Though having high CC you can get good CM - Critical Mass from your passive ability, which can reduce your cooldown very fast.
But you need pretty high trifecta of high IAS, CD and CC.

I rather go with Deep Freeze on Frost Nova since you can freeze up to 5 target for a 15% bonus increase to CC.
Energy armour with Prismatic armour for more Resist.
Also in Archon mode you receive more resist to all, so you do get more EHP.
I find I need pretty much Archon all the time in MP4, but with my CM/Archon build I'm in Archon mode pretty much all the time.

Though you don't have to follow my build, so play around with a few skill builds and see what's comfortable.
Though the Diamond Skin with Diamond shards and Explosive blast build is ok, but I've yet to experiment myself with multiple builds.
Sorry for being a noob, but i ask what is the ff terms:

2. sheet DPS
3. mit/EHP

I have a storm crow with LOH and CC, but no all resists, should i use that instead of mempo?

You should watch PieHole's SNS guide. All these questions (and more) are answered in it.
sheet DPS = the DPS shown on your character sheet in game or profile

EDPS = your actually damage output usually calculated by noting a monster's total HP and dividing by the amount of time it took you to kill said monster. If all you are doing is spamming magic missile (not that anyone would do this) your EDPS is very easy to calculate. It would just be your sheet DPS times 1.25 because MM hits for 125% of your weapon damage and it has no resource cost. But for a build like SNS, it is much more complicated and must be done by timing a kill of, say, Ghom.

EHP = your effective hit points = HP/(1 - mit)

mit = mitigation your total damage reduction = 1 - (1 - ArmorDamageReduction)(1 - ResistDamageReduction)(1 - OtherDamageReduction)

Example: if you have 65% DR from armor and 70% from resists and 7% vs elites your total mit vs elites would be 1 - (1 - .65)(1 - .70)(1 - .07) = .90235 which would usually be described as 90.235% mit.

I have a storm crow with LOH and CC, but no all resists, should i use that instead of mempo?

SC only has 1 random mod so CC is the best thing you can get on it. The same goes for mempo. The difference is mempo has great EHP while SC has 2 utility stats: LoH and APoC.

If you are going to use storm crow, I would advise that you pike up a little more vit from your force. Go for split int/vit or a cheaper option is straight vit for the 1 random roll that chants force has. For split int/vit, just search for a force with average damage (most important stat and it allows you to sort the results by damage) 201 int, and any amount of vit. That will give out only split int/vit forces. If you want straight vit, just search average damage and vit (put in a min of at least 160).
While we are on topic, how is my gear/build for my wizard?
I think I just need LOH
Should I switch the amulet on my witch doctor and give it to the wizard?
Thanks for any help, I'm just looking for critique.
Based on my little experience on wizard. Yes, you need LOH so if you switch your ammy on ur WD to ur wiz, it would be better.

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