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11/05/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Mike
Wierd idea here but if you don't want the paragon points so you can "start fresh" just don't allocate them.

This same point is brought up when talking about death penalties, people say, "if you want it to hurt more, get rid of a piece of gear when you die etc."

It is NOT THE SAME if nobody else has to follow the rule, I don't know how else to explain it.
11/05/2013 03:40 PMPosted by Veracruz
The game has no challenge to it whatsoever... And frankly I miss the days when their was a challenge and I was on top :)

I agree that we have very little challenges left in the game these days, and i wish they brought some of it back, but looking at your profiles and characters i highly doubt you would be able to clear it, let alone top it, but i admire your courage. ^^
This is why Blizzard just can't win... you can never satisfy everyone in every area.

BUT... I do understand the request and I understand why...

People like different things... some people like to point at a character with 500k DPS unbuffed and say look what I was able to do (regardless of AH, real money spent or anything) They accomplished a goal and that made them happy. Then you have other people that are purists and they like earning everything they have and do... I understand this also (being quite conservative myself).

That being said, I think (correct me Bliz if I am wrong) that it would be fairly simple create characters under different 'profiles' or 'game types'.

For example:

1. Softcore (current softcore) Paragon 2.0
2. Hardcore (current hardcore) Paragon 2.0
3. Isolated Softcore (nothing shared over account, stash, artisans, paragon levels, gold etc.).
4. Isolated Hardcore (nothing shared over account, stash, artisans, paragon levels, gold etc.).

I program business apps as a part time job so I wouldn't imagine that this would be a huge ordeal but then again, I don't know how D3 was designed so the alteration might be more involved than I realize... plus you obviously have additional data elements to deal with...

This would add a very interesting twist to the game however and give conservative players the bragging rights and proof to their accomplishments.... ;-)

For what it's worth....
Someone earlier mentioned the idea of account-wide mf/gf but character-based stat allocation.

it would encourage us to play multiple characters without feeling like we are missing out on drops.

i dont know how this would be implemented but i think its a good idea. thoughts?
11/05/2013 05:28 PMPosted by Brad know you sound like a child complaining that his older brother gets to stay up late. "It's NOT THE SAME if nobody else has a bedtime!"

hehe I guess so, maybe it is, but it's like playing monopoly with the house rule where free parking gets money from anything paid via the cards and then being told I don't have to take the money when I land there if I don' t like the rule. besides the fact that I may think the game is more interesting without that rule, why would I not take the money if everyone else is going to? Sorry if I'm not making any sense, trying to though. :)
I had an idea several months back (before Paragon 2.0 was announced) for some type of 'Nephilim Well'... Basically the idea was a place (like a magical well) that individual characters could dump experience into the well then other characters on the same account could partake of the wells and it's 'powerful waters'... I just realized this kind of fits this discussion... ponder on it... plus it adds an in-game interface to the whole process...
It would also be nice to see an incentive to players that played in an isolated fashion... maybe a bonus to MF/GF or base XP bonus and possibly a portrait enhancement (like you get from paragon leveling) or an visual effect on the character... Once you share across the account you lose the bonus...
I mentioned the Account Wide MF/GF from Paragons earlier to whomever asked. I actually thought that's how it's going to work. If I'm wrong, why not? Every character on your account can benefit from the additional MF and GF while they go through on their way to Inferno. And, you'd still have the option of allocating the stats in whatever character you please. Seriously, isn't this how this is going to work? It makes so much sense.

This is not the current projected system.
As of now, you will have 1 paragon level for all ur maxed (60/70) characters.
That character will hit 70 then become paragon (for example) 128. I am not sure if the 128 stat points will be allocated at level 1 or when they hit level 60/70 though.

I love the idea of account-based mf/gf
Each character will have their own paragon level and stat point allocations.

-The following is one idea and kind of stupid but I can think of anything else:
Perhaps the account wide mf/gf could be every time you identify an item, you gain mf-exp based on the level of the item (higher level = more). This pool is account wide and every level gives you 1% mf/gf (level 300 cap?).
Wow lol

I was sure I wanted a shared paragon system, but the OP made me change my mind... damn.

No offense Blizzard, but with all your pretty graphics and well-oiled mechanics (and with the amazing content in RoS), the thing that gets me all excited to start a game in Diablo 2 is the feeling of starting a new character and being able to either screw it up, or make it amazing.

So I do agree with OP. You have to aim for the hardcore gamers and the game will become something more (a legend Mr Wayne, a legend).

1. No shared paragon. Real gamers will take the time to level up other characters if they want.

And more importantly:

2. No respec (or maybe only 1 allowed).

There you go. The game will be amazing.

you cant screw up a d3 character....You and OP are making it seem like paragons points matter lol..You still have to level the character!
11/05/2013 11:58 AMPosted by Grimiku
I've seen this argument made before, and I'd like to get a little clarity before I pass it along. It seems your primary concern is that you’d like a way to create characters with a fresh start. Would Paragon 2.0 be fine if you also had the ability to do this?

It would be nice if:

- characters have in addition to this account wide Paragon system, a Individual Paragon system that only applies to each individual character.

- You can switch your character between the Account Wide and the Individual Paragon system.

- Progress made while using the Individual Paragon system will contribute to both Paragon systems. Progress made while using the Account Wide Paragon system will not affect the Individual Paragon system for any character.

- When a character is switched to the Individual Paragon system then only the paragon points that that character has accumulated over time will be in effect while playing that character. When the character switches to the Account Wide Paragon system then all points from that system will be in effect instead.

- Choices made while using the Account Wide Paragon system won't predetermine level ups in the Individual Paragon system, the 2 systems will operate independently in terms of player choices/stat choices.

This will allow us to have new characters operate independent of the account wide system if desired which would be neat. I mean in games like Borderlands 2, newly created characters start off extremely over powered... diminishing the value (challenge) of replaying the game.
I'm not sure where I sit on the fence in regards to what is currently planned for Paragon 2.0 regarding the shared pool after doing some reading. In what they're trying to do it makes total sense, remove the attachment to a single character when it comes to Paragon, but it does remove some of the feeling of investment when you start a new character that they will have access to benefits earned before the character was even created.

I think in my brain the following seems fair to both parties:

(obviously still separated HC/NHC)
- All max level characters contribute full experience earned to a shared paragon experience progression
- non max level characters need to contribute somehow, in my mind all experience earned from "callouts" (ie achievements of killing large number of enemies etc) also contribute to the account wide paragon level
- each level of Paragon would have to cost the same amount of EXP (not sure about this one)
- for every Paragon level earned you get 4 (lets just say) points that go in to your account's Paragon pool
- you can spend those points on any character on any of the stat increases/categories that you would like at any point (remove forcing us to choose a certain stat type on the ding)

to a degree this takes a small amount away from what Blizzard may be intending with not having an investment in one endgame character over another, so if it was not going to be something like this then I will take the system as they have planned as I think it will still be a great benefit towards reward progression regardless of some possible emotional side effects
When they announce seasons at Blizzcon this year, this thread will be irrelevant.

+1 for starting fresh
Couldn't you have a "fresh start" by not assigning the paragon points on the new character?
I have this same problem with Paragon 2.0. I want the points to be just on one character. Because this means everyone will play the char that is the easiest to lvl.
11/05/2013 09:24 PMPosted by Jt3z
Because this means everyone will play the char that is the easiest to lvl.

And this effects you in some grand scheme how exactly?

I just don't understand. Maybe if you would have said, "Because this means I will just play the char that is the easiest to lvl.", I wouldn't have felt the need to post. I would have just chalked you up to a person that needs to be told how to have fun... oh wait

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