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love BOA best addition to ROS
The truth is, BoA will give the game more re- playability than it has now. Not only that, But the play time is not diminished by simply being able to buy all of your gear. Now on the console, It dose not rain rares and legendaries, But when i do get one it is almost always a good one. In the end what it achieves, Is a steady progression that i have not found on the Current PC version. So i would say stay tuned and wait for RoS.
11/12/2013 06:47 PMPosted by Zenrix
So legendaries and set items will be BoA in Reaper of Souls. Do you like it or dislike it?

Can someone provide the link that says this? I was under the impression that items became BoA after alteration and or transmog.

If this is the case then how is BoA going to be an issue? Trading will still be much like it is now. Someone will always want to pay top dollar for a better mempo and then alter it. At which point they will be using this item. If they wish to upgrade later, they won't be able to get the head start in funding by selling their old item. That is called an item sink... and it is necessary to keep legendary items legendary.

On the other hand, if every leg and set item is BoA on discovery, it simply removes the pay to play aspect of this game entirely (and would be a ridiculous move on Blizzard's part).

Any thoughts?
Love it
Dislike it. Not buying an expansion unless it goes away too.

1. Longevity. Supporters of BoA talk about this a lot. But what longevity are we talking about, if to compensate for no trading there is now 6 times more legendaries, stat ranges are reduced to always be good, items are tailored to you, and to top it all you can reroll an affix. All this combined will wrap any decent player in BiS items in a week! There's not gonna be any longevity.

2. RNG that should be the core of RPG game is no longer truly present for the reasons in 1.

3. Blizzard is insecure about their loot 2.0? I know people here are probably fed up with this comparison, but if you look at Path of Exile, trading works incredibly well when loot is designed well.

4. Stopping botters. Cool! But it should never come at the expense of anything, and right now it is coming at the expense of EVERYTHING.
BOA for the best gear and commodities, combined with smart drops and loot 2.0 can only serve to address that main issues affecting the genuine players of D3.

Namely - botters / scammers / flippers hoarding the best gear from gah to rmah and illegal 3rd party sites.

For thos issues to be removed or at least MASSIVELY reduced, and the focus to be on FUN and finding great loot - this has to be a GOOD thing overall.

Any small inconvenience of not being able to get the best SOJs etc for new builds will hopefully be minimal. ROS and the loot 2.0 patch will tell us.

What is this BoA thing? Does this mean i cant trade with people? I was really looking forward to doing some face to face trading now that the AH is going..

What if i want some kind of specific legendary thats BoA? Do i then have to grind forever to find it? seems lame imo, no thx to boa...

well i think boa would fit well in some kind of competitive game mode like ladder, but in general people should have the freedom to play casual, trade items and use whatever build they want
Like BoA
Dislike it.

I don't play enough to actually find gear specifically for my character build. Hell most of what I have I traded for because i haven't had very many useful drops that were for my character. Got plenty of stuff to trade tho. D2 was a loot game and we still had the ability to trade. And as one who doesn't play that often anymore I like to make progress with my characters by trading stuff i don't need for stuff i do.

Also this will probably make me not want to shell out for the expansion. I will probably go back to d2 i that case.
I like it!
dislike it.

I loved trading a really good item for an equally good item just as much as finding one. Why can't we have both? Why isn't it possible to have a proper trading realm and reasonably high drop rate.

If the core items of our game play are all BoA we won't have an economy, if we have a proper trading system and a reasonably high drop rate, the economy might suffer but people will still have a high chance of getting what they want. Really who looses out?
Strongly dislike it.

Trading has always been one of the core foundations in Diablo.
For those who say that Diablo should be only about self found loot, you probably haven't played Diablo 2 before. Half of what made Diablo 2 fun for a decade is that the BiS items were truly hard to loot, and if you got lucky enough to find one that meant you could at least trade it for something great for your class even if the item is for another class.
With BoA means is that i you find a godly item one day that is not for your class and have no intention of playing that class, you better hope that someone in your party found another godly item in the same game for your class in the last 2 hours so you can trade with him ! Seems unrealistic.

I for one am playing in EU region even though I'm located in the US for work reasons, so I very rarely get to play with my friends at the same time. Does that mean I should not be allowed to trade with my friends if I find an item that would be perfect for them because Blizzard didn't think of that use case? By trying to control too much, they will end up making the game unplayable for many.

If Loot 2.0 is supposed to fix all the issues by making all the BiS items easily lootable, then everyone is going to get maxed pretty quickly. I would much prefer a system where BiS items are still insanely hard to get and people can still trade them.

Then there is the problem of bots. There does not seem to be any easy solution, but now that the AH is going away things should go better. What AH did is essentially make bots able to reach a very wide audience. With AH away, people will have to resort to shady 3rd party sites, and I'm pretty convinced that the average player will not risk it. So there would still be a minority using 3rd party sites but it would be MUCH less compared to how many people use the AH today. And among these people a minority would get careless and get hacked for sure, but then again that just happens everywhere.

For example using BoA because of bots is akin to saying that because you can get scammed when doing banking transactions, let's ban credit cards altogether and force you to only do transactions with the people in the same room as you. Sure that would make the system safer, but is that really the best option?

Also, if BoA was to happen, then there's truly no reason for always online since there will be no incentive to play with people online since you won't be able to trade. If the only benefit of playing in a group is xp/gf/mf bonus, what's the point of having items altogether and not just make Diablo 3 a rush to the highest Paragon without loot? People can say whatever they want, online games have always been and will always be a competition in some way or form.

This is not WoW, BoA works in WoW because it's static loots and you have to work in raids to get them, but there is none of that for Diablo 3 where it's completely random.
All that has been done so far is kill the top tier items set or not. The Ah is now a dead zone. I am soooo glad these devs have pretty much told everyone not to buy good items before new patch in a very out right sense. Why even give a deadline for the ah to go away on sign in, If you can even move the best item's in this game now. I found the best Witching hour in the ah rah cant even get a bid on it in the ah for a okay amount. Good job killing this part of the game months ahead of the new release! Kicking in the gut one last time the player base that's left. Why even leave the ah up at this point? I mean your just shooting yourself in the foot with the rmah big time. Child like thoughts give way to child like actions!
with no AH, it's the right way to go.
big dislike !

they stated they want to make the game more social and to interact more with others . if everything will be BoA / soulbound , how is that going to happen ? they might as well add an off-line mode . its not our fault they cant fix the ah exploit ( zero bid items ) , they cant stop the bots/ hackers , and we , the players , need to take the hit for this .

as for d2 , lol ! in d2 u had the ability to trade !!! in case u didnt know , for all the screamers out -there , who dont know what to trade , d2 had gold sellers and bots and hacks ( remember the trade window hack ? got me sooo mad a few times ) and trade . and offline ! and it worked .

i wont spam the chat or the party with messages like - wts X item 30min left - until they are sick of me . if its soulbound ( not even account bound ) , ill jsut sell it .

i jsut want to point out ,in HC i played a wd to p100 , lost 2xp60+ wz , played with other classes as well , and i got only one wh . very bad ofc . never got a cc mempo , not in sc not in hc , even if i have 145k elites .

so , ure delusional if u think , with mf nerfed to zero in loot 2.0 ,, with nephalem valor stacks BEING REMOVED , ull get 50 legs / run .
ull need to grind 6 months to get one item u want or need ( since the drops are RNG , unlike WoW , where u can farm a certain boss and u know eventually ull get that item --- they forgot to copy-paste this .... )

after ull find the item u want , theyll announce a new patch , expasnion , some items being nerfed or buffed and making u feel sorry u salvaged Y item .
Dislike BOA
100% Dislike. Posted the following in AdAstra's thread.

Removing AH and now BOA are the biggest mistakes Blizz made for D3. With this double whammy, it will kill the game faster than before. No doubt many people are excited about RoS but....

I am not one of the best player but with almost 2.5 mil kills and 131k elites kill in my resume, I think i have enough experience to judge and feel how the game will go from here.

Yes, removing the AH and BoA will bring back some old players and probably some new ones. But question is how long will they continue to stay with the game?

After playing for 2-3 weeks, they will find that Loot 2.0 is not that great anyway. Legendary and set items drop do not make them feel overpower. There is no AH and BOA stop them from trading 2 godly EF that they have found. Ended up have to salvage one of them which potentially has market value of 2 beez. There is no sense of trill and joy for finding godly items or if they don't find it, they will get frustrated. They hit the loot wall and will quit the game.

What about for loyal D3 players like us who have put in thousands of hr? I don't deny I used RMAH to get some godly gears so that I can farm MP10 efficiently, but also found some good ones and crafted some nice gears. This is what keep us grinding the game. Be able to get some good loots, trade them and also craft some godly gears.

Here is a good example, I recently crafted a good shoulder (on my second DH) which has almost similar stats with a godly Vile Ward. The VW may worth 2 bil in the market but what about the crafted one? Not more than 5k.Yes, I did felt good crafting it but do i feel I am above the rest? No, because it is BoA and I can't trade it. What I m trying to say is BoA legendary and set items will be like crafted gears. No market value to it.

Blizz, please reconsider carefully so that you will never lose the pool of loyal players. Thanks.

If I have a Zero Cooldown Zombie Dog Witch Doctor, and I want to upgrade him/her in the upcoming patch...or if I want to build one from scratch...these are the items I must find myself (If BoA goes through):

Visage of Giyua
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Stone of Jordan
Skull Grasp

Not only do I have to farm these items myself, but they have to have the correct stat (Zombie Dog cooldown reduction) AND the stat has to be in the higher range of cooldown numbers.

Let's do a quick calculation assuming I want to build this zDog WD from scratch and ONLY taking these items into account assuming there are a total of 300 legendaries that can be found:

Chance of finding each item:
Visage of Giyua: 1/300
Mara's Kaleidoscope: 1/300...Chance of getting zDog skill: 1/58
Stone of Jordan: 1/300...Chance of getting zDog skill: 1/58
Skull Grasp: 1/300...Chance of getting zDog skill: 1/58
Homunculus: 1/300

Combined chance of finding each item with zDog skill: 1/(300x2 + 300x3x58) = 1/52800
So I would need to find 52,800 legendaries to complete the zDog set.

With BoA legendaries & assuming I find one legendary every 15 minutes, the time it would take to complete the Zero Dog Witch Doctor set would be:

(52,800x15)/60 = 13,200 hours or 550 days or one and a half years if I farmed 24hrs/day non stop.

And that's just finding the complete set, let alone finding a "good" set.

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