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I've been playing D3 since it launched, when you actually had to make your own skill builds and experiment with them to suit your play style to basically die less and gain more loot. After a few months, the cookie cutter builds such as WW barb and CM wizard came into play, and as many others I opted for this builds in order to progress with my gold and loot gain. After playing with these somewhat op builds I got tired and missed the thrill of having to micro your way through elite packs and felt that all the other awesome skills were left behind.

So I created this little app that just randomizes skill builds for you, which spiced the game up for me again.

So today I want to share this app with you guys in hopes that someone else can enhance their game experience in D3 while we wait for the epic RoS expansion that is coming.

Here is the link to a wordpress blog post that I created to share some screenshots that shows the app. Feel free to leave any comments :).


Happy Hunting.
Thank you! checking it right now, I am one to like weird builds that are fun and work, so this will at least give me some ideas as to what to play next :D
Np. I hope you find it useful :).

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