1680x1050, Max Everything on this Computer?

Technical Support
I have:

Samsung 840 Pro
8 gigs of ram (I've never seen the game use more than 1.2)
560 ti w/ 2gigs (I've never seen the game use more than ~350 megs)

I want to play at 1680x1050 (which is max for me) and all quality settings maxed for visual quality. My fps are usually stuck at 60, but occasionally drop into the high 50s (sorry for the "first world problems") Even though it's a small dip, it is noticeable every time and makes the game less enjoyable. The SSD made a world of difference, but I still get these little dips. I feel like I'm so close to having it perfect, so I'm wondering if it's just that my video card isn't good enough or what. FWIW, I only play by myself, and it happens sometimes just walking around town.
Unfortunately, this is the reality of D3. Everyone experiences some level of FPS drop no matter their system. It's within the coding/engine of the game and as of yet, no one has found a 100% sure work around for it. Spent a few hours this week trying out different resolutions/Nvidia priority settings/D3 settings and I couldn't figure out a way to completely get rid of the FPS drop.

BTW the game looks a LOT better if you turn all the D3 settings off (vsync, AA, frame lock, etc) and just use the Nvidia control panel. I usually play games in x8 AA, and it looks a lot better than whatever setting D3 has for their checkbox. Thought it was x4, but controlling it through the Nvidia panel it doesn't appear to be a true x4, a lot clearer w/Nvidia.

I really wish Blizz gave us PhysX, SLI/Crossfire capability, and larger resolutions....maybe in RoS...but I doubt it ;(

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