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I’ve been really enjoying pvp. But, I'm probably not the first guy to say this, free for all kind of gets boring after awhile. It would be nice to have something like team deathmatch, king of the hill, or even capture the flag. I can see capture the flag being tough to make, since you kill or being killed in matter of seconds, but it shouldn’t be a challenge to add team deathmatch and king of the hill to the game.
More maps will also be awesome. I really wish to have more map represents iconic places in the game (like Act2 where you fight Maghda; Act3 where you fight Ghom).
And of course achievements! I wish to have achievements based on PvP. I need some rewards and compliments for my effort. Hopefully reaper of souls will bring a better PvP.
/ Bump.

Feel the same way.

Some more structure would do the pvp system so much good. They should do a PVP lottery system when loading to prevent team stacking.

Some kinds of 4 v 4 game modes like you said would also breath some life back into it.

Capture the flag
King of the Hill
Team Deathmatch

I also feel you on the new maps. The same brawling map for all the Acts. That's just lazy game development.

Another thing Blizzard, where are my Charms, and Runes at?

Been said before, but even a simple friend or foe button when in the chapel could be an easy fix to
get some 2v2 games going.

PVP has been a letdown, and now the PTR doesn't even allow for brawling searches…

Come on blizz, please give us the PVP you promised last year when you put it on hold...

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