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No matter what I do or how I stack my character, the drops that I receive do nothing for my character. I have almost 300% magic & gold find, and all drops that I get fail to raise stats for my character. I have played for at least a month or so without a drop that helps at all. I have not received any red or green drops for at least 3-4 months of gameplay. Is there anything that can be done?
Well tech support isn't the place to really address this...but I will anyways.

You're going to receive a much higher rate of loot drops if you prioritize dps/ehp and turn up the MP level. Being efficient and working high density areas will yield more loot/hr than trying to chug along with low dps on low mp, despite having high (ish) MF. If you look at each monster killed as one unit of probability, the more units you accrue the more items you will receive.

Focusing on earning paragon levels at this point is much more important than trying to eek out some gear. Every 1 level of paragon = 3%MF/GF, so in 7 levels you have replaced one piece of armor, ~15 levels and you've replaced an amulet.

Bottom line focus on killing more monsters faster, and loot will come.

BTW if you need a hellfire ring add me IG and I can carry you on MP10, I've got plenty of spare machines.
Runit, Ive been playing on inferno monster power 4, I can't go any higher because the drops are of such poor quality that I cannot advance. Im at paragon 16 and only doing 28k in damage as a wizard. I have not seen any drops that boost my ratings or if they do they drop me by 5-10k in either life or damage. Its getting to the point that I don't want to play anymore. I even thought that it was a glitch in my gear so I completely unequipped my gear, ran around with none on, and reequipped it. I wanted to see if anyone from Blizzard could look at my account and see if there was something on their end that was locking me into getting bad gear or less gear. I shouldn't be seeing gear of level 50 in inferno let alone monster power 4.
If you are in inferno and on MP1 or higher every single piece of gear that drops should have an item level of 60 or higher. You will never see an item with i50 in Inferno MP1+. The stats may roll just as terribly as an i50, but that's just the RNG of the game.

Are you sure you're in Inferno, especially MP4? I don't know how you stay alive and kill anything with 0 LoH, 0LS, and 620 regen (from galvanizing ward) @ 28k dps.

If you're playing self found and not using the AH your play time will be stretched astronomically when talking about upgrades.

I'm not sure on your kills/hr but dropping the MP down to 1 or 2 and killing twice the mobs in the same amount of time when compared to MP4 will increase your chances of drops. Also make sure to have 5 stacks of NV before you go to high density areas.

If you want some route guidance, or to test this "I can't receive drops" theory, add me in game and I'll rip up some MP5 w/my second wiz, just follow along and pick up everything.
11/16/2013 09:59 PMPosted by MattG20
I wanted to see if anyone from Blizzard could look at my account and see if there was something on their end that was locking me into getting bad gear or less gear.

I don't work for Blizzard, but I can tell you that loot drops are not linked in any way to your account. It is completely driven by your MF, your MP, the difficulty setting of the game, and the Act you are in. We are all subject to the same Random drops. It will get better when Loot 2.0 comes out before the expansion.

You also might want to check out the Wizard forums where they can help you optimize your build and help you learn what stats to look for to compliment that build. That might help you get your DPS up a bit so you can take on a higher MP. There are some nice folks over there.
What really doesn't make sense to me is while running around the other night with 3 others looking for key drops, I was at 343% magic and 326% gold and I wasn't getting anything good at all!! No reds no greens, no key! Ive killed the same key guardian at least 6 times!!! I keep getting really bad blue and golds and no keys!!! Its impossible to go above mp 4 without at least 1 other person. The only reason I was able to hold my own was because I was with 3 others on mp 5.
i am having the same issues. loot drops truly suck this season. I cannot do much as so ill equiped, and need to do more to get what I need??? really???

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