My account isn't saving correctly

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My account achievements aren't saving correctly.

In the achievement "Unique Collection" after I slay any given monster on the list, that monster is marked with a "check", showing that I already slayed that monster. So far so good...
But a few minutes later, or when I log out, it "rollsback" and the "check" mark disappears.
I'm doing this achievement with friends, and I'm the only one with this problem.
I have tried with several monsters (killed High Cultist Murdos twice, Grimnight The Soulless 3 times, Saha The Slasher, Gormungandr... and so on...) and it's always the same, after a while it "rollsback".

Also The achievement "Hunter or Hunted" & "The One Percent" are not also saving correctly in my account.
I pick up gold, the value showed on the achieve list increases, but when I logout it "rollsback". Same as described above on "Unique Collection" and also the same for the number of demon kills on "Hunter or Hunted".
Already tried to Re-Install Diablo, Different characters, Hardcore, Softcore, Different PC, etc...
Nothing helped.
I play on Europe Servers. Don't know if that's relevant to the case.
A number of people have reported the same issue. DIfferent people different achivements not be credited. Post to bug report.
Already did, long time ago. Tickets, US forums, EU forums, Bug Report Forums. Zero Feedback =(
The only place to report it is Bug Reports. That goes to the QA team who is responsible for these things. Tickets go to GMs who have nothing to do with researching bugs or fixing it so you don't want to do that.

Unfortunately the QA team does not tend to respond to posts very often unless they need more information. That does not mean they do not appreciate well thought out and documented reports! Yours is a good example of the right way to handle it so you might want to add it over on Bug Reports, even if you need to bump an older thread of your own to add an update.
Solved ! =D
Kudos for the guy who solved it. Thank you =D

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