*5* Things The Anti BOA Crowd Don't Seem To Realize:

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11/16/2013 08:33 AMPosted by Starbird
So yeah...I'm fine with BoA. I'm also fine with BoE or BoT. But overall I do feel that the quasi-BoA we seem to be getting now is going to be best for the game.

BoT is better than BoE, the reason is BoT will still stop third party sites since the bot farmers have to use their accounts to sell as well as farm. That will make them extremely inefficient at getting the gear. Plus exposing the account which increases the chances of getting it banned for botting and selling items for real money.

BoE does not carry this, this is almost free and unrestricted trade till the item is used. But if players know that they are wanting to sell it for real money (bot farmer). All the bot farmer does is just trade it to the selling account then the selling account would sell the items as usual no harm done to them at all.

Even if Blizz does change to BoT then I would still want gold BoA, where you cannot trade it at all like Archeage does.
11/16/2013 08:58 AMPosted by Badfish
I have seen all these arguments and their are counter points made on all them in the various. Forum pages. Its not that we dont understand the points you make, We think these things are wrong for a diablo game. Us anti-BOA people are never going to get on board with this system. Blizzard has really caused a big split on this game. Its gonna be like a divorce. BOAers will keep the house (Diablo iii) and the anti BOAers will proabaly go shack up with something in town (new game) LOL.

99% of you "anti-boa'ers" will buy the game and play it anyway, you'll just continue to whine on the forums everyday.
12/04/2013 08:17 PMPosted by Starbird
Rares are looking to be very decent. Possibly even close to BIS in some cases.

Come on, man. Why would Blizzard even think about binding legs and set items to accounts if you could still trade for bis yellow items? That would make precisely ZERO sense.
12/04/2013 10:25 PMPosted by Starbird
D2jsp starts clans. D2jsp clans become widely known. Blizzard investigates these clans. Blizzard issues sweeping account bans to these clans.

Eh, what would Blizzard ban them for? Trading within a clan when trading within clans is allowed?

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