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Same problem. Never received this problem till today.
I'm getting this same problem and it's not making me very happy. I was looking forward to farming some rifts with my best monk for gear, and now that's not happening, thanks for ruining my evening Blizzard.
Looks like the launcher update borked something. I am also one of the many people getting this error.
Just took a selfie, can't login
SAme here. Launcher updated now cant load hero
Even here in San Diego :/
cmon Blizzard, you're better than this
I'm getting the error as well :-/
Didn't have this issue until after I downloaded the latest patch. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
Hay Hay Europe ! it over in the USA now ! same problem in Florida ! And this is after Tuesday maintenance and the shut down today for 2 hours what they break now?
lol this thread is growing like CRAZY!

I imagine Blizzard being like - Hey good news, we just patched some problems you probably havent noticed. Is all good! We fix good yes?.......
same as the above..... I want to play my game....
I wonder how many HC's died because the server crashed and left there char hanging
I am recieving this error as well every time I try to log into the game.
just like everyone else, same issue on my end.
same here. update was more like a downdate.
I'm having this problem and can't play either.
has any blizz even responded to anyones issue with this yet?
I said FIX IT NOW.

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