barb help, gear and farming

Hey, I could use some advice on what pieces of my gear would be cheapest to upgrade, also with my current gear where would the best place for me to solo farm be with the hopes of getting something I can sell.
1. Craft vita shoulders. Get AR here.
2. Chest with comparable Vita but with 3 sockets and high AR. Either rare or IK works here.
3. Legs with vita but with 2 sockets and high AR. Rare or check out some Inna's. Inna's only roll AR or Vita, not both. So keep that in mind.
4. Farm where you are comfortable? Grind out some paragon levels quickly for easy stat boosts. As far as items go, the more you kill, the more you'll see. There is really no formula on finding "better" drops.
5. Have fun!

Edit: Upgrade that crit gem asap, along with all your other gems.
boots ice climbers are a must

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