question about survivability ^^

I realize my barb is not yet 60, and when I hit it, my gear choices will open up drastically, but I have a question. I've been just messing around with different skills, and I think I have decent gear for my level, but I find that I die extremely fast in Act III Hell. I'm used to using a Wizard, so maybe that's part of it. Any tips on NOT dying all the time? Any builds that would be good for a first time barb approaching 60?
Having a good build helps, but ultimately it is your gear that adds to your survivability. You could be using double whirl wind (considered a safer build) and still die a lot if your effective health pool is low.

You need to have a good balance of All Resistance/Armor/Vitality. I can tank pretty easily on MP10 with 800 All Resists/9+k armor/40k health but thats not the balance for everyone. Some people stack vitality to have massive HP.

Technically someone could have 150k health and still have a much smaller "Effective Health Pool" than me. For example:

Barb A has 300 Resist All, 150k life and 5k armor.

Barb B has 800 Resist All, 40k life and 10k armor.

Barb B has a vastly greater effective health pool, because despite the low health, he takes significantly less damage per monster hit. Also, because the health pool is so small comparatively, things like life regeneration and life on hit keep you at almost full health constantly because you heal at a faster rate than you take damage.
hmm, ok, I'll have to think about that. I've switched to rend for now, and I'm playing a little more cautiously until I hit 60, then I'll do some shopping. thanks a lot!

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