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I would like to thank all the Barbarians who have done good research like detox and his team for the paragon runs and encourage others and myself to start the game again!!

I would like to start testing out VSORCS as a team rather than an individual. I managed 0-50 in 30 hours as an individual... yes an epic fail behind detox but this was all done solo so I was wondering how quick I would have done it in a team this time around.

Also if anyone has any information or tips in regards to running VSORCS, Barbarian equipment, etc.

Please do not hesitate to share. Thanks :)
My last barb was 0-100 in 49 hours, primarily group runs (usually not full group), current barb is looking to be about 51 hours mostly solo. I have seen a player get from 1-100 in 35 hours.

As far as gear is concerned youre good to go, however I have seen skorn players switch to a mighty weapon when moving between packs in VOTA to maintain buff. You could get gear specifically for this type of run but IMO its not worth it being as which 2.0 is coming and would cost a fortune. Regarding VOTA..5 stack then roll out, DPS gear + SOJ

I would recommend switching out gem in helm, and rolling a good hellfire if you don't have one already.

Ive found that its always easiest to have somewhat of a dedicated party leader to lead run however it is equally important that each player knows the route and is capable of taking lead in the event of a SNAFU.

I only pick up legs and would expect the players im playing with to do the same. (NOTE: gladiator gauntlets, spirit stones ETC stay on the ground.)

The most important thing ive learned is that you don't stick around to kill every last critter on the map, rend and run is employed.

Feel free to add me
If solo 0-50 took you 30 hours doing VSORCS I suggest you try MP9.
THULSADOOM, thanks for the advice I will add you.

ZAPRO, thanks for the research you have previously provided as well as the reply. How long should a VSORCS run take? How much experience should I be looking at per run? Any other tips?
With ruby in helm and hellfire ring a run should give ~80m on MP10 and ~65m on MP9.
While you get used to it, I say 20 minutes is good for 1 run.

20 minutes per run in MP9 should get you from P0 to P50 in 10-11 hours. It is nothing amazing for some people but it's not bad either.

You have 65% attack speed on your gear. Anything over 57% is a waste so you can lose 8% somewhere.

For starters you can change one ring for a Hellfire or the amulet for one with more crit damage and no attack speed.
The problem with the Hellfire option is that a bad roll doesn't help you. You can't really afford losing crit chance or crit damage.
In a group of 3 barbs and 1 monk, it is certainly possible to get 400+ mil XP per hour doing VSORCS, but if took you 30 hours to get to P50, I know already that you won't be able to hit that much in a group unless you're getting carried hard.

For soloing it used to take me about 18-21 minutes, getting about 80-100 mil XP per run. In parties we were getting about 100-120 mil XP per run in about 14-16 minutes.

The VotA segment would take me about 3-3:30 to get 5 stacks, I know Chaz used to be able to do it in as little as 2 mins, and in a party <2 mins was possible (WotB still on cooldown when we entered Desolate Sands). Ideally you want to bait multiple elite packs together to fight at once instead of each individually, this will save you a lot of time in vota. It may be necessary to swap to a mighty weapon between elite packs to help maintain fury, it takes a bit of micromanagement but will typically yield better times.

In Desolate Sands you want to find all the large zombie clumps, this makes a big difference to the XP. You want to cover most of the map, but avoid the large random event spawns because they don't have good density.

In Forgotten Ruins (and VotA too since they share the same tileset), you will often want to run through dead end rooms without rending at first, then rend from the back to the front. You will also want to leave mobs in front of Forgotten ruins in Oasis as well as those near the entrance that you will loop back to. In certain spawns there will be a random room that spawns on the top left that you want to avoid, as it's too much distance to have to backtrack over.

In general you want to know how much time to spend on each type of mob, or in some cases whether to ignore them if they have too much HP to kill efficiently. Ideally mobs should be dying behind you to tornadoes + rend, you really should try to experiment with different paces in each zone to see what yields the best XP/hour there.

For group play, it's important to stay very close together. If you fall too far behind the other players, too many mobs will start dying before you can generate much fury from them, and you'll drop out of wrath or be unable to sprint which will cause you to fall further behind.

Also, make sure to check out Chaz's old guide from when 1.0.8 first came out. The information is still relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veYW96MzJTs
zapro, thanks for the information you provided.

My runs are taking ~40 minutes each way too long. Yes an epic fail :(

By equipping a hellfire ring and another amulet i am losing dps, does this matter?

My main problem especially in Vault of Assassins is keeping up my fury.

I have read the forums but I just cannot managed to keep it up between bosses as they don't follow not enough trash etc causing me to lose WOTB and hence die :(

Keep the feedback coming it is very much appreciated :)
Try a run on MP9.

Put the hellfire and the amulet on your 2nd barb and logout
zylog, thanks for the play by play I will aim to incorporate them into my gaming. The Chaz link was awesome gave you in depth details of how to run it from A to B.

You guys have any suggestions on improvements on my gear?

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