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I recently came back trying to upgrade my gear. I'm having problems with even Inferno MP1 and 2. I would appreciate any help or advice anyone has. Thanks
Looks like you only tried in upgrading your dps number to me. You're going to need at least 2-3 more slots of high AR items along with way more vita. Shoulders, gloves, pants, and boots are the obvious culprits here. Those Zuni's give huge dps numbers but it's a must to have the gear to use them, or spend the gold and get them with AR. Otherwise, they really are a poor substitute for some IC or IK boots.

1. Crafted shoulders with AR
2. Inna's pants with either AR or high vita
3. Zuni's with AR or go IK/IC. On further inspection, get rid of them and go IC. You have no need for 36% movement speed. Wasted slot IMO.
4. Gloves need more. Either AR, CD, Ias, or vita. Might as well craft here. IK set bonus is weak.
5. Ammy should be relatively easy to upgrade with STR crafts. Good luck on huge dps rolls here!
6. Look for IK belt with ~70ish Vita. Even if you lost 10 or so str to get it. It's well worth it.

This should keep you busy for a while. Have fun!

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