Nirvana MH upgrayedd

Just upgraded my nirvana mainhand for 229m.  Got it on buyout at 1d11h so hoping its a steal.  I'm so dang excited it even made me late for work:

Let me know what its really worth, i may decide to flip it since i'm paragon leveling with my barb anyway.
I think you did well on that one. The max life steal roll is nice as is the damage on it. Although if you are playing Nirvana and bells is your main source of damage I would really consider putting a ruby in your main hand instead of the emerald. Your bells will hit harder.
I think if I had a better EF that might be the case. But 3dup says average hit for WoL would drop by 200k with the same class of ruby. I would have to go marquis gem just to beat my perfect star emerald.
You are the exception to the Ruby vs. Emerald rule because your CD% is exceptionally low. If you were getting more CD% on your OH and amulet, you would benefit significantly from using a ruby, but with your current build, the emerald is just fine. Oh, and that is a very nice weapon at that price.
So what I really want to know is, how much is it worth :)
Yes your right. just at work now, out of town tomorrow, and forced to use my phone to post. And since this is dex axe I know all the pricing experts are right here in this forum.

Plus I'm just a little excited about what is likely the best item I've ever been in possession of. Sad since I've played since launch :(
It's worth what you paid for.. possibly up to 400m. I deal a lotta weaps.

As far as gem

Let me break it down right quick..

What you want to get is how much your ave dam per swing is for both types of gems including when you crit hit and when you dont.

What you need to know for this:

Ave Dam, Crit Hit Chance, Crit Hit damage, and somewhat Values for Gems/tier

So you find ave dam which is just the two damage numbers on your weapon added up and divided by 2.. [ also is your dps / attack speed ] ( 604 + 1099 = 1703 ) ; 1703 / 2 = 851.5 this is the average damage you will see if you "find like" in auction house.

Lets start with Green since its in there we know the numbers easier.

Your critical hit chance is 48% Therefore your chance to not Critical Hit is 52 % {if you're wondering why its 48% when his sheet says 43% , there's a 5% base} This is constant for both gems.

With your Current Green Gem your damage bonus from a critical hit should be 458%
(50% BONUS from base + 100% regular hit because its a bonus)

On Crits:
[ 851.5 + 0 -no red- ] x [ .48 x 4.58 ] = 1,861.9376
On non Crits:
[ 851.5 + 0 -no red- ] x [ 1.00 - .48 = ( .52 ) -chance to not crit] = 442.78

Adding those together you have your average damage per hit [ 442.78 + 1,861.938 = 2,304.718 ]

Now I find the easiest way to do the next part is to find out what average damage you need to at least do 2,304.718 per swing.

Red Gem

[ 851.5 + X ave dam ] x [ .48 x 3.68 ] = [ 851.5 + X ] x [ 1.7664 ] <--- this number represents damage multiplier from criticals taking in consideration your chance to critical hit.

[ 851.5 + X ave dam ] x [ 1.00 - .48 = ( .52 ) ] = [ 851.5 + X ] x [.52]

From here you want to set up an inequality

( [ 851.5 + X ] [.52] + [ 851.5 + X ] [ 1.7664] ) > 2,304.718

= .52X + 442.78 + 1,504.09 + 1.7664X > 2,304.718
add like terms
= 2.29X + 1,946.87 > 2,304.72 {just rounded to 2 digits now}
- 1,946.87 -1,946.87

= 2.29X > 357.85
Divide both sides by coefficient with X to get X
= X > 156.26
Conclusions based on this is that you need a Ruby of at least 156.26 ave dam to just break even with your Perfect Star Emerald.

My fellow AZ-nian pointed out that this is indeed a rare case. Most often times your swing on MH will be improved more by a Ruby. In this case I didnt work out the math for 10% extra CD but I am willing to bet it makes up for 3.76 ave dam on the difference between a Marquise Ruby 160 ave dam and the 156.26 you needed in order to match the perfect star.

What you need to do is get a much better EF. Critical 90+ and a socket... < for Bells the DPS on your EF is irrelavent. You want high dex and high .APS bonus .24-5
So it may sound expensive but a 700 100 .25 sock will do better than your current if using nirvana without a doubt. The bells do the majority of the damage so your offhand primary swings may suffer a lil but you'll notice a substaintail boost.

** please check for errors
i suggest a wailing host trifecta instead of that litanty :D
Thank you for the price check. I'm sad its not worth beez but happy I got a decent deal. As for all that math, while I understand the underlying principals, ill let d3up dothe heavy lifting :)

No doubt there are many better choices for my current monk. I basically stopped progressing him when I saw how cheaply I could roll a barb. I will consider TWH if I decide to return. Thanks!
no doubt.. Well its there and if you wanna know why.

Now you know.. and Knowing is
half a sandwich? wait that doesnt sound right
Statstick dat offhand. I have an 900 os .24 3 ls 13.9 fear 160 dex if you want
Thanks but if I stay with EF ill go for deeps and get crit dmg. I already have a 3 LS dex/CD/OS stat stick. Ill swap that for RD packs.

The only reason I kept this one so long is I found it.

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