How did you get your break into gear?

G'day guys, light hearted topic here!

So i'm sitting here, seemingly aimlessly killing low MP monsters for loot, trying to make it somewhere, and am feeling slightly disheartened.

What i want to know is, how did you get into the well geared bracket? Did you find that one special drop that made it all possible? Or did you grind your way through hours of content to get those gold pieces to buy the upgrades?

Keep me entertained before i lose my mind!
First steps up the gear ladder I got from farming. I farmed the crap out of everything as efficiently as possible for around 70hrs a week for a couple months while off work recovering from an injury. Never got that OMG drop, but I got tons of little ones, 30-50M range, and a couple in the 200-300M range weekly. Made a couple billion a month which I put back into my gear. Finally was able to solo MP10 uber with my best character and farming MP9-10 with most of the classes.

Months later I got burnt out on farming and went all AH tycoon for awhile. Flipped billions in gear every week while only logging on for around 10-15hrs per week. Now I can solo MP10 ubers with most of my characters and can pick from a few different ones to do carries. Much to my surprise, after all that AH flipping I still actually use some self found gear on my characters.
That's awesome man =) It's good to hear that is it possible to just grind it out to get there. Perhaps someday i can get there too =D
Much appreciated =)

I have indeed read through those posts, and are full of amazing information.

My problem is, i'm always spending money on either upgrading gems, or trying to craft items for upgrades. So my cash supply is always very low. Perhaps i should stop and try to get a little stack of cash for a few upgrades instead.
12/01/2013 03:58 AMPosted by Relentless
Never got that OMG drop, but I got tons of little ones, 30-50M range, and a couple in the 200-300M range weekly.

Breaks my heart. The most gold I've ever managed to get for a self found item was 44 million for an IK chest.

Farmed my bottom off and found some mega shoulders and a Crit mempo just after 1.4.

Then kept farming…..
I played self found for about 14 months, worked my way up through the MP levels one step at a time. Found a pretty amazing (by SF standards) Skorn on the Act I Keywarden while working my way through MP10, which is what really pushed me over the edge.

If you're looking for something more short term than 14 months, one relatively cheap solution is crafting. The recipes (Archon?) can give you some pretty nice upgrades in a hurry.
Honest not sure if i'm in the "well geared" category, but i've made my millions farming and selling leorics signets.

Started about a year ago and i have found 8 total. Two were 30%, one was 29%, and those alone sold for a total of 800m.

I flip sometimes but only when i see stupid buyouts for things i'm already shopping for.
Twitch giveaways, unintentional flipping, farming, intentional gem flipping, selling unids.

but mostly twitch giveaways, those things rock.

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