Single vs. Double LS

Fellow monks, I seek your advice. I know it's all going to change when RoS hits but i want to play now!

Here is the scenario, I have 4 weapons: - rare axe WITH LS - rare axe WITH LS - WKL WITHOUT LS but higher crit - WKL WITH LS but no innate crit (WKL can't have all 3)

And here's my overall profile:

I have 500/5k/50k/500k (or just about) and only about 250 LoH, so we can ignore the LoH angle.

The highest DPS combo is Dread Scourge and Crit WKL, but I'll only have 2.7% LS.
Forget the last WKL since that kills my dps and i can always use both rare axes for double LS.
The two rare axes together give me LESS SHEET DPS than WKL/Dread Scourge, but of course, that has single LS.

So, is it worth losing some DPS (pDPS, and significant eDPS) for the double LS? Playing around with it, I'm definitely less squishy with double LS and could bump up monster power from a mitigation perspective, but is that pointless without the DPS?
Do you wish you could kill faster? …..I'm kidding, we all wish we could kill faster.

I know I do.

I'd go dual LS with WKL with those stats and your build.
Ireneaus, thanks for the input. playing around with dual LS, I can definitely face off better...

However, do you think it would better to go dual LS axe? I lose a TON of pDPS with the LS WKL - like 25-30k pDPS. Not sure the effects of the WKL will make up that much eDPS (sheet dps equivalent that is).'s unfortunate that the best answer is "both" for the optimal build. Sort of epitomizes the issues with the loot.
Yeah… in any case I feel fine in mp10. Given that you have 10k more dps than I have, I suppose you'll still kill fast enough with the dual life steal.
Fitz throws fitz about non-bell builds.
...and when you combine EP and Bells :D

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