What do you think Malthael’s plans are?

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I think he is planning on letting the game kill the Nephalem from boredom
He's probably planning to break out of the game and scold blizzard for his character design. Seriously, his head is so narrow and pointy! He might also be upset about the cliche weapons and pose in which he wields them for the thumbnail on Twitch tv.
Well Mr. Kulle said that the Black Soulstone could be used to trap angels too (and that makes me think Nephalem as well) - but from what I gather, he's not trying to hurt angels. For example, he lets Tyrael live in the opening cinematic.

So perhaps he's trying to save it to capture the Nephalem since he already saw Diablo infused with all the other Evils couldn't defeat him/her, as a backup plan so that he can keep destroying the world and everyone in it unstopped.

Or... it's all just Belial lol we never killed him and he's just been lying about everything the whole time and tricking us into thinking everything is going on and he's the true prime evil for his ultimate trickeries.
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You awake to find yourself back in your village, dirty, cold, and covered in sweat. You soon realize that your entire experience was nothing more than a dream, but something feels wrong.

I just wrote a better story than all of D3.

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He plans to destroy the Diablo franchise. Sadly he's up against stiff competition in the developers.
Why are you guys such haters lol
Why are you guys such haters lol
We have good taste in video games.
I think he is trying to trap all evils soul. Even humans and the smaller demons.


As we know the stone cannot even hold the 7 lords properly so massive explosion of evil at the end?
In theology, the devil (diablo in this game) is a fallen angel, actually it was God´s favorite at one time. It is rooted in good and could never accomplish pure evil: there is a duality, a conflict that would never last through eternity, whatever reason was for its fall (envy, revenge, anger, etc...). Only the truly evil born, "disguised" as an angel, can be evil in its most pure form. The plans I leave for you guys, but it was interesting to see that the proposed twist in the storyline is well aligned.
I think the final boss fight will be a multiphase fight where you fight Malthael in his angelic death form then when you beat him he get mad and absorbs the black soulstone and transforms himself into Tathamet for lets say a clash of gods.
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I think the final boss fight will be a multiphase fight where you fight Malthael in his angelic death form then when you beat him he get mad and absorbs the black soulstone and transforms himself into Tathamet for lets say a clash of gods.

He wouldnt transform into tathamet. If leah didnt, why would he? Leah had more potential, being a Nephalem. Nephalem > demons and angels. I think if an angel was to absorb the black soulstone and have any kind of chance at beating us it would be Tyreal, who was infinitely the warrior Malthael ever could be. Or even Imperius, who is the supposed most bad !@# warrior in Heaven, since he got butthurt and was never heard from again so far.
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I hope it's to Revive Deckard Cain - So that the Diablo Series can live on with him - perhaps the death of Cain, he feels, was a mistake and he needs the power of the stone to undo this travesty.

Death by butterfly, seriously now.

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Unless cain was never killed, Belial was the lord of lies and illusion. maybe it was all a trick?
i am the fan of Naruto manga. i am guessing the plot doesn't go very far from that.
The only way to end the "eternal" conflict is to kill every last angel and demon. "For all things are drawn to all things." Plus we know that because of the way Talus'ar cannot tell Itherael the furture of Nephalem, it would make sense that El'druin would judge Malthael as being justified, because he IS trying to do what he thinks is right. El'druin comes from the same place as Talus'ar, so would likely be just as confused.
Therefore Malthael is going to use the power of the black soulstone to add to his powers and try to take on everyone himself, or find a way to combind the prime evils to recreate Tathamet.

ooorr... heres a different theory.

Malthael is studying the properties of the stone to try and create a new type that will trap all the Angiris Council. He will then try to combind the 2 stones hoping to recreate The One, Anu.. who will destroy all of creation and return the universe back to its perfect state.
His plans are being partially written in this thread. Points to support that claim:

1) As much as we like to flame Blizz from time to time, myself included, they do consider what the community posts on the forum.

2) There have already been some excellent theories/suggestions posted and Blizz gets the benefit of soliciting ideas for free while making some of the players happy, It is nearly impossible to make everyone happy.

My take:
Malthael's goal is to rid the world of evil or anything touched by evil, and yes that includes Nephalem as they are part evil. ElDruin could not find fault with Malthael's intent of passing judgment on evil but this is usually how evil get's it's way by manipulating good intentions (path to hell). Malthael wants to bring about the apocalypse which is about passing final judgment.

He might also be trying to end the eternal conflict by eliminating both angels and demons. Angels because their oath "binds them to inaction" that allows evil to run amuck in sanctuary.

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