150k Dmg DH looking mp10 farm buddy

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hey in i only just got back into the game i am a bit behind the late game. looking for a farm buddy to farm gold/legendary's on MP8 OR 10 act 1 add me wambamtymama#1673 if you are keen. pref a bar/monk
This is the crypt runners list - which is specifically Act 1 - Woods/Fields/Cem... join in the xp runs and find some legs on the way! Mos t people who post here are MP10 unless otherwise stated :)

No offence intended, but with 144k dps, you'd be better off in mp8. You'll be killing so slowly in mp10 that the extra xp will be more than outweighed by the time it takes.

You want to consider using rapid fire - it was buffed in one of the patches, and is a lot more effective than ball lightning (except against the act 2 keywarden).
thanks man yea any tips would be nice still new to the game only been played a couple of weeks cheers for the advice man

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