A dear friend departs us today

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For those of us whom have had the pleasure of knowing Nikki, it is with great sadness that she has decided to leave D3.

A combination of some really bad account screw-ups and crappy internet has not helped in recent times.

From the AU/NZ community we wish her all the best.

PS I know she will be back cause D3 in her blood.
awwwwwwww - such a shame - such a nice person to play with :(

Thanks for the good times Nikki!
This is a real shame. Nikki gave me heaps of help when I started getting into Inferno.

Hope you find happiness with the next game Nikki and hope Blizzard fixes this stupid account issue.
I don't mean this in an insulting way AT ALL, so please don't miss read me here but she has quit before, she will be back. ;)

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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
I have to say my faith in Blizzard is wavering also especially around the fact au/nz do not have local servers.

Don't get me wrong I am buying RoS but my Blizzard fan boy status has all but gone now
very sad to see her go. was (IS) a great member of our community, and helped out A LOT of people back when the game first started. I recall getting a fair few legendary (crappy by todays standards) from her which helped me big time. without her help, i would never have made it as far as i did.
my hat is tipped to you Nikki :)

We will speak again, and soon :)
You hung there Nikki, gotta give you that. Don't blame you for taking a break and I hope it's only that - a break. See you soon and take care.
Sad to see another one go, but i hope you will return in the future once again as you have done before.

Despite all the internet lag, and the endless account screw ups on your end, you managed to pull through for so long.

If i was in your shoes, i would be pulling my hair out and be totally bald by now :P

Respect to your one hell of a strong mind to keep grinding mostly solo six P100 toons and a 7th one nearly P100.

Peace out Nikki, and i know you read these forums :D
Is it me or has Nikki's account sorted itself out again? Coz she's in my friends list at I type this... just 'busy'.
Her account was screwy for a long time, she's had to re-add me a few times over the last 3-4 months I was playing back in May - August.

I think she re-added people in the last day or two, her account is working again?

Anyhow I'll still see her around on Skype anyway
Thank you YD and people.

My account is working fine and has been for a few weeks now. I haven't added anyone in the last few days kyo....you just haven't logged on for a while :P

@Mugsy - yes I was on last night for a few mins, but only to give out some old gear I had to a friend.

12/12/2013 07:02 AMPosted by Archimonde
Respect to your one hell of a strong mind to keep grinding mostly solo six P100 toons and a 7th one nearly P100.

^^ This is one of the reasons I've had enough. Thank you Arch, it was your encouragement that got me there! Now I will have more time to work on some promised things :P

Enjoy your game people, I'm done here. Peace out guys :)
Yes this is an old thread but just pointing out to Narull that as of today she still hasn't come back and never will. She has already deleted her toons worth over 600 paragons so definitely a statement if I ever saw one. I still talk to her a bit and she's just confirmed it again today.

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