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hello guys,

i'm a bit of a newb and looking for any players in the same boat who'd like to level together, chat, and go for long walks on the beach. happy to help with achieves (or at least try) and offer assistance however i can while i gear - i have some time off and my hours to play are pretty flexible for a while.

so if your friends list is as sad and forever alone as mine feel free to add me, i'll ply you with sandwiches and beer.


Check this thread out - I know you aren't lvl 60 yet - but we are an active bunch of people and should be able to help... I will pass on the sandwiches and have two beers instead pls.
ahh thanks for the suggestion, nick! i'll keep an eye on the thread while i post you the beer.
I am happy to help out if you are after some power leveling to get you to 60 faster.

Just let me know in game (JJE#1799)
What kind of beer :P
12/12/2013 04:13 PMPosted by WAZZ
What kind of beer :P

Not the warm kind... and definitely unpassed
12/12/2013 04:18 PMPosted by NickBaldyM
What kind of beer :P

Not the warm kind... and definitely unpassed

it can be imported beer if you're feeling a little fancy, although some might argue that tastes the same as described.
A bottle of chimmay or 2 and im all yours :P
a huge thanks to videl and cutiepie for escorting my squishy body around and helping me ding tonight, you guys were awesome! and thank you for not noticing/pointing out my nekkid WD running behind you after all my armor broke.

wazz and your continental tastes - chimays are making their way to you as we speak.

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