cant log onto european server

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hey guys i can log into american server but i cannot log onto European server. I get 2 messages:

"there was an error retrieving licenses on this account. (Error1)

followed by

"There was an error during game account logon. (Error 1).

Any Advice?

I really hate it when i cant log into servers sometimes, this is 1 of the reasons why i quit D3 for a few months back...
So this always happens when trying to log into EU?

Are you using the app or the old launcher?

Looks like it was an error in the past that Blizz looked into and fixed but has come back. (is some fixes in that thread you can try if you click on the Blizz icon)

Best to post over on the tech support forums so that tomorrow when Blizz are in they can refix it. Sorry mate know it sucks.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'

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