Anyone not doing PTR or Beta?

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Well my friends list has gone very quiet, making crypt runs virtually impossible. I assume this is as everyone is in PTR & Beta.

So is there anyone out there still playing live?
Hi JJE - I am not doing PTR... but have had last 4 days on the couch to keep peace with wife :)

Was half concerned about everyone disappearing for the purposes of crypt runs... but ATM I am just as happy farming keys - so if no one is on - I just farm

Will be on tonight... hopefully we can mash out a few para's then
I'm just farming keys as well. My internets has been crap for the past few days and have been lagging out of crypt runs.

Seems to be ok recently...

Im playing live atm. Tried PTR. got a bit bored tbh.
I've had quite a few friends try the PTR but not for long. Most of them are back doing normal crypt runs. I'm just doing normal crypt runs as usual. Never been a fan of playing PTRs, as the dl is massive for my crappy internet and there's gonna be lots of further changes anyway. If I get an awesome drop in the PTR, it will be like getting teased by a desert mirage when I'm dying of thirst, so no thanks.
Nope not doing PTR unless they let us keep the toons on PTR.

Usually do runs with the guys above too.
I'm not doing PTR, but about 3/4 of my friends seem to be, judging by how numbers have gone down.

Add me if you want someone who's still doing crypt runs.
when I get on tonight I will send out some invites :)
Doing some PTR, but mostly trying to crack P100, 2.1 to go.

Not impressed with barb skills on PTR. Some good loot but no upgrades yet.
Been too busy on the PS4 as of late and kicking it on KZ multi
Yeah still doing normal D3...but I feel as if I'm running out of time to get the most out of normal D3 as much as possible.
With all the changes that's going to happen I feel sad that's I'm going to miss the old ways.
e.g A few current skills have been nerfed or changed completely.
From what I've heard such as Wiz's Archon will not recharge the timer on kills...which is probably my most upset moment of changes to the game and also since it's a skill I use practically 98% of the time.

So to the saying "If its not broken why fix it" really comes to mind.
I really feel that playing RoS is like starting from complete scratch all over again.
SO it feels that my current over 800 hours or so game play may feel like a complete waste of time.
All that loot I've collect up to now will be a waste, unless I can still use most of them until I get lvl 70's versions.

::D2 impact from LoD::
With D2 upgrading to LoD it really didn't impact on me like RoS would, since I was very late to getting the D2 package and so I almost practically started playing D2 with LoD.
I did play a bit of D2 before installing LoD but at least I noticed some of the changes were kinda better.
eg. I played the Paladin up to Act 4 end game and then I directly installed LoD as soon as I finished Act 4 so I continued to play Act 5 as if I hadn't even finished the game at Act 4.

I also did feel LoD did complete the game for D2 as you kinda needed Act 5.
If you just finished D2 without LoD then you still had Bael on the loose and you feel you didn't finish the game.
But some most noted changes were the Stone of Jordan's rings were so easy to get pre-LoD but after LoD installation they became ultra rare or practically removed altogether.

RoS will kinda keel the same with loot we've once received before will now be removed.
So am I looking forward to RoS?...Well not really as I want to get the most out of D3 before then.

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