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To any ANZ player.
Just post if you want it.

845dps, 5/25, 2.8LS, 160 dex. O/S.
If you think I am worthy - it might be an upgrade for me... would be happy to pass my current one on to another aus/nz member then :)
:D - i'll take your one Nick if you gets golm's one :D

Hey Nick, it's yours!
I guess ur at work now (I'm not), so I will try to log on tonight for you.. Actually, I don't think u r on my friend list. If u r on this arvo, let me know so i Can give it to you sooner.

yup you are on my list :) ... and TY in advance

I will try and get on for a bit tonight... will not be until after 8 EST (i am in qld) tho as I have small children that require attention before then :)

Drabz - add me pls and I will pass on WKL and perhaps some other gears too (if I have any improvements for you anyways) :)
thanks Nick - will ad you tonight when i get in - but that will be like 11-12 EST as i'm in wa
Yeah, I have to go to my son's prep carols tonight, so after 8:30 is better for me too.
Thank nick - the lightning damage has been going good :)
NP Drabz ... nice to see you hit 200K dps... I have been looking to swap out my sword for an EF to get me there... but will not be getting on again until possibly Monday night ... the wait is killing me!

Definitely have to craft some more gloves and an ammy me thinks... was trying to save gold for RoS... but seeing you have hit 200k - I think me needs to spend some to hit the 200k dps / 500k eHP milestone
Nick I am on 200k with buffs - I wish I was at 200k base

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