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Witch Doctor
An easy to implement idea for end game would be to add different tiers of rift keystones. Rare/Legendary along with the normal ones that currently drop in the game. These high tier rifts is where a lot of the ideas that are floating around can come to fruition. For example a legendary rift could spawn a zone with all uber bosses at one time, or a mixture of uber bosses and elites. Another could spawn a rift to the highly asked for tower/dungeon that as you either ascend/descend would get harder and harder and more elites/bosses would be spawned. Could make one lead to pandemonium where you can participate in a heaven vs hell epic battle. There is all sorts of ideas for these all over various forums.

It is something blizzard could implement on a progressive basis as well. As more and more ideas for new rifts emerge, they can be added to the existing pool of rifts.
These rifts would also be difficult. I want them to be where I need to call in my clan members and be like " just got a legendary keystone, who wants to help me take this down?" This would promote more social and group play and interactions as well. Which is something this game is sorely missing.

Something else that I would love to see change about the game is the boss fights. These should be fun, exciting, and challenging! You should want to kill these bosses more than once. So far i have noticed on the ptr that they have slightly increased the rate at which a few of the bosses use their skills, but that is nowhere near enough. It just doesn't feel like I am battling against a lord of hell in a2-4. I don't know what blizzard can do to remedy this, but I would love for the boss fights to actually feel epic. I want for first time players or returning players to be like wow that was epic and tell their friends about it. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Again I will say that making fights and higher difficulties a "gear check" does not equal more of a challenge. Those kind of fights in WoW and other MMO's were not challenging, they were just a simple do i have high enough lvl gear to survive this hit and to do enough damage before an enrage timer. Blizzard has at least taken a small step and introduced more monster affixes to add more variety to random elite fights. They could definitely go back to the higher the difficulty the more and dangerous affixes the monsters can spawn with.

I have a lot more ideas ill throw in later, but would love to hear some feedback from everyone first.
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