Finally Hit Paragon 100

Witch Doctor
It finally happened last night. I don't post much, but I just wanted to come on and thank the community for the valuable information they provided along the way. It feels bittersweet, as this was the goal I was pushing for for so long, but the truth is I love playing the WD, and I'm sad the ride's done for now.


- I became a huge fan of a modified carnage build using PB instead of bears. COB wasn't fun for me, and bears were the go to build for too long. I felt that PB did good enough damage at great range while also allowing me not to run out of mana too much. The range added to Grave Injustice with TOTD caused the cooldown on ZD to refresh very quickly, so i got some nice benefits from being able to sacrifice often when you couple that with COL. Kind of a mix between a bears and 0dog build, imo. Give it a try if you haven't, it doesn't seem as popular as some of the others.

- I love that the WD has some special considerations when gearing that you don't seem to need in other classes. I managed to have attack speed on only one item and cap out around 215k dps (the snake equipped I didn't actually use. I just threw it on my char after I hit 100 last night). I'm pretty happy with it

- Speaking of attack speed, I think that the MCK is very underrated. I found that it was very, very pricey and difficult to find a black weapon towards the end that would have actually improved my DPS.

Well I think that's it, thanks again for all the help from the regulars. I'm looking forward to ROS, hope to see you guys there. I think the guys who are considering quitting because of current builds being broken need to reconsider. I think that the current builds available might go away as they are, but can imagine some new and exciting ones that may use similar concepts as an indirect result.
I don't post here much as well, but congratulations on hitting 100. I may have to try the build you were talking about because I'm not enjoying the range on CoB. It does kill fast for my relatively low damage though. I also think the vets who post here a lot should reconsider. They need to be willing to adapt to ROS. The expansion will bring new challenges that we need to overcome as the witch doctor community.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
congrats chas. now copy and paste another wd :)

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