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Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed running with NZ/AUS Crypt runners. Good to play with players in similar time zones who are on most times which I play. Keep up the good work all.

I would like to know how many in our ranks have reached 10x100. I see Tswift getting close :)
I don't think I'll hit it with the wife annoying me most nights. I will be happy if I can get 7 by release of ROS.

See you all in the Crypts. PS dont forget to invite.
I'll be lucky to get one para100 before RoS... just don't get on much these days.

I've got 49 levels more to go... what do you say guys? if I aim for 5 or 6 dings per day over the xmas break, is that feasible come the higher para levels?
No :-(. Remember level 78 is only half way. You slow down markedly in the 90s. Don't worry about it though. RoS points will be taken from your total xp, not your number of 100s. Besides, it's Xmas. Don't forget to get out and enjoy life.

Tswift is doing an awesome job on the crypt runs. I unwisely thought I could level half as fast as he does, but I'm not remotely keeping up.
12/18/2013 01:53 PMPosted by Mugsy
if I aim for 5 or 6 dings per day over the xmas break, is that feasible come the higher para levels?

I found that past 78, it certainly is slow going - It felt that past 78, levels took around 2 hours each doing straight crypt / fom runs... I set myself the goal of dinging a level each night on the way to my first

It's all about the ride - have fun!
Hi there, I would like to join ur crypt channel. Here is my char without unbuffed

1. Barbar: 270k (cause stone of Jordan)
2. DH: 350k
3.Wiz: 360k archon
4.Monk: 230k pull monk

Cause can prep anything. If u interested pls add me TA
I agree with Nickbaldy i only do runs if i see friends cause i comfortable with the group and play style like wazz mention to me i seldom go channel much now cause is annoying and just some plain rude. i love how when a group have a prep for fom cave and weeping then one can do e. the point for this is cause at least we have more time to have a good prep cause it will take a longer time to prep e if u solo rather then 3 prep e and one do cave. and yes preping weeping is worth it if is done well
@gooball always great fun farming with u at least u dont complain about the lag i make in FOM hah love preping there isa blast packing all of fields in 2 places
12/18/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Tswift
at least u dont complain about the lag i make in FOM

I love baddie lag (at least then you get to see all the damage ticks :P) - but last night, we were in the thick of it - then I would get lag spikes 1500-2000ms which would last for 30secs to a minute... then back to normal again... rinse and repeat
I must admit, it has been great fun with the Aussie crew. I have been away from live for a few days, testing to see how the PTR is, but with all the problems disconnects and poor loot hunt over there, I am getting a little impatient with it.

I will be back to live to level but probably not quite as much as I used to be with Christmas around the corner, and family things to attend to.

Looking forward to catching up with you all again.
My NZ friend got 10xP100 a week ago.

I think I will go back to live for more paragon levels. Not much thing left in PTR to test any more without ROS beta.
Just moved to Wellington NZ from overseas.. looking for fellow MP10 Crypt run friends on my time schedule. More than capable Monk wanting fellow Crypt run friends.

NZ player also keen for crypt runs. I usually run them on my own but happy to join/create runs as needed.

280k dps barb (with battle rage buff).

Try here for an active list of AU/NZ crypt runners:

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