RoS Endgame to attract hardcore gamers

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This would specifically target the hardcore audience and not punish the rest of the player base

Add an even higher difficulty, think original d3 but possibly even harder. This difficulty should require a coordinated team of at least three possibly two to handle, and should be scaled so that monsters can 1-3 shot you basically no matter how strong your character is, possibly even having the monsters damage scale from your base toughness (not toughness granted from skills/passives) so they always do a lot of damage no matter how geared you are, with the best gear possible not even coming close to facerolling the content.

The bonus rewards for this difficulty would only be slightly higher then torment 6, so people dont feel forced to play it, the hardcore crowd would play simply for the challenge, if there were a competitive ranking system and possibly global achievements, ladders around this difficulty? This could become very popular and competitive, just what D3 needs to stay relevant for years to come.

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