Need help gearing your Monk? friend me

I have a post in looking for group pve but thought I would post here.

I help monks gear up all the time, using their gold and mine occasionally.

I have no problem building dual wield, 2h, zdps.

I can give advice on builds and gear. what to upgrade next etc.

Just friend me with "help with monk" in message and I will be more than happy to help you out :)

edit: after an overwhelming number of friend requests asking for help with gear and builds I have decided to make a comprehensive video guide to the monk. It is going to take some time to complete but hopefully I will have it up by the end of the day.

so the guide didn't turn out as complete as I wanted but I am hoping it will still help most of you guys with your monk and give you an idea of which direction you want to take your monk:)

intro to monk and first 3 builds

nirvana and bangorang

tr/ep/bells and zdps
Since I started this thread many people have friended me for gear and build advice. I am happy to help anyone and will be on most of the day today.
Thanks for helping me with gear choices! And the build that you introduced :P Here's some props for you!
I just came back from a huge break. Gonna start a monk from scratch, any advice?
Quick Question, would be any good for this weird Zdps stuff. I saw a cyclone monk rocking an azurewrath and sledge but I want to mix it up a bit. Thanks in advance.
I was thinking with Life on hit, if the lightning procs hits then would this be decent at all?
Sorry I haven't checked this thread in a few days.

@ Hydra: There is just too much to discuss for such a general question. I can tell you a few things. Groups love a zdps monk. If you solo imo a 2h tr/ep/bells build seems to be the most efficient and is kinda expensive to build if you want high dps and survivability.
If you go duel wield and don't use bells I am a big fan of bi-gen, and wkl, echo combo.
The 6 skill limit is tough to get everything you want on a build but I always try to get a move based skill (tr, ds) as well as ep and moc.

Friend me if you would like to talk more.

@Wolfcone. I have not seen Odyn son used before on a zdps monk. I do not know the weapon or price on gah but if it a cheap item I would suggest picking one up and testing it out. I do know zdps relies heavily on as and that is a very slow weapon.
01/02/2014 10:55 PMPosted by Wolfcone
Quick Question, would be any good for this weird Zdps stuff. I saw a cyclone monk rocking an azurewrath and sledge but I want to mix it up a bit. Thanks in advance.

it would occur to me that this weapon would be too slow for zds build. The build is based on blinding speed for supporting a party. Whether is be with stunning or pulling mobs in. The more aps you have, the quicker you build spirit the faster you can drop implosion or increase your chance to stun or freeze opponents. Please check out the guide the Vox put out on this build. Once again this is just opinion.
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Let´s share some ideas!! :P
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Cheers and thx!

request sent to you bsun
btw, thanks for doing this.
I must be full because I'm not seeing the requests anymore. What is the max friend amount anyone?
ok just purged old friends so I should have space now
sent requests to people who friended me when i was full
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Bump for awesome dude and solid advice/ trustworthy gearing.
bsundbdmn thanks for the awesome advice on gearing and build!
Will keep a lookout for that 3 socket chest!
no prob guys I'm happy to help

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