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Alright guys this is a post calling out to ALL fellow psn users who have a ps3 . can NOT afford a ps4 and want to have Reaper of Souls for their Console. i phoned Blizzard about it and they wanted to know as did the Guys at Sony. so here i am :)

As the title says . i'm independantly calling these companies in an effort to help solve the lack of ps3 information issue for the newest release for diablo 3 . they have told me that posting in the forums asking about it would be a good idea so here i am. for everyone out there with diablo 3 for their ps3 ( Like Me :D) who WANT Reaper of Souls for their units we ALL have to stand up and say yep! me! :) The more of us that do the better the results will be and the happier we will ALL be in the future right?

so starting below me on this post :

calling out to all playstation 3 owners who also have Diablo 3 . if you guys want Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for ps3 we gotta tell the companies how many of us there are who are very interested. ( Me? HELL YEAH!!)

so if we really REALLY want Diablo 3 ROS for ps3.. we have to make a BIG hullaballo about it and heres the place to do it.

post here as to whether or not you want a ps 3 version of the new expansion for diablo 3 coming out for console and tell Sony and Blizzard to give us the goods :D after all not everyone can afford a ps4 right? ( i KNOW i CAN'T) :/

Blizzard should get on this right away.
I agree, RoS should be on PS3, I DEFINITELY agree, give me some ways I can help and I will. :)
I want RoS for Ps3!!!
I have two 60s on ps3 and am 17 paragon. I also have the pc version but I want the ps3 expansion more than anything because I feel the game play is more streamlined and enjoyable. I don't care about account bound items as I usually play solo. I think its ridiculous to release a game over 5 outlets and not allow players from each to enjoy the benefits of post endgame material. I want it on the ps3 and Xbox 360. Psn tag Odign
agree it bits that we ps3 owners wont be able to play the expansion and i'm not going out and getting a ps4 just to play it I got 3 level 60 characters and level 19 paragon level
If blizzard does this and I support it... ps4 will have to look for other games to slant there console sales.. however ps3 will be the hottest console of the year of 2014 which aint a bad thing since there is so many they need to sell anyway.. think about that one.

I would pay my share to get this to ps3... because I owe alot to blizzard... they have changed my gaming experience forever..

If they do this It would make my year... I quit alot of bad things do to the diablo trilogy and learned alot of life lessons... brought hope for alot of people and if it is brought out... I will buy a second ps3 just cause it's what I want if this comes out for ps3/xbox... It's what we want and what everyone wants in this debate.

I owe you one blizzard thank you for everything.

I will count the number of blizzard game purcuses. 15+ games... mostly rebuys of diablo 2, star craft, and the count of how much I support this corp. It's more than just about the community it's about the experience.

+starcraft, brood of war twice each
starcraft 2 once
diablo two battle chest once
diablo 2 3 times
diablo lords of destruction once
diablo 3 once
wow once
warcraft 1,2,3 once each

damn son I love this company...

I will sign with my username...

[p.s.] this is not my console psn
Another one here. Dont leave the best console out of the loop. PS3 all the way.
I'v bought it for ps3 xbox and PC, ps3 is the best and I would love to not need to buy a whole new system just to enjoy it
I'm playing on 360 buy bumping this because it needs to happen for both 360 and PS3
I do not, nor will I ever own a PS4. Money is tight and I have more important things to put my money into... like bills. If this isnt out for PS3, Ill keep playing the game as-is... but I wont be a happy camper... and probably wouldn't ever buy another Blizzard game again. So... Im hoping they decide to port it to PS3 as well.
I'm a broke and broke down gamer i also loved Diablo AND Diablo 2. currently stuck on stupid bout Diablo 3 and I really wanna get Reaper of Souls but i can't afford a PS4 so... yeah... HEY BLIZZ PUT RoS ON PS3
Throwing down the money for a PS4 isn't in the cards for me either. I loved Diablo 2 and and now Diablo 3. I would buy a Diablo 3 expansion for PS3 without hesitation. You'd have my money and support. Please don't make us miss out on expansions just because PS4 is in the picture.
I honestly believe that if they don't put Reaper if Souls onto all of the Systems D3 is available on, then they are stupid. The amount of gamers that would be alienated by stupidity and focus on next gen is substantial. As well as the profits that they won't receive being very large. Blizzard please don't fall to stupid next gen. Just look at rockstar, it takes them three years to port GTA to PC. Be kind, and intelligent.

PSN: Uk_scare
PS3 version please. I could list the many reasons. Realistically it isn't an "upgrade" to ps4, the system is barely different. Guess what? If my ps3 broke, I would buy another ps3 since 99% of the games I play aren't on the ps4. I'm signing the petition. This is an example of -1 sales for the expansion if you don't have a ps3 version.
Definetly want Ros for PS3. Bliz, you better deliver
yeah would be good!
I am not a PS3 user but I do have the 360 and I would love for the expansion to come to the console version.
PS3 Expansion Give it to us Blizz dont fubar this!

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