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The only reasons to not make the expansion run on PS3 are some sort of exclusivity and not wanting to have long term support for the expansion (support is already there for vanilla) If they don't release it, installed base means there will be many more unhappy ps3/360 owners than happy ps4/xbone owners. So the likelyhood that it will be released on ps3/xbox 360 is high IMO.
I caved and got it for PC. But I would definitely buy it again for PS3 without a second thought. It's an incredible xpac!
Will not buy a PS4 just for an expansion. Will also not buy expansion if a PS4 is needed.

For SEPARATE/DIFFERENT games like "For WoW or SCII a PS4 is needed", I would have understood but this is THE SAME game, vanilla is on PS3 so I expect RoS on PS3 too. Period.
I have both the PS3 and the PS4. So i"ll be playing it on my PS4.
I also understand that a lot of people would like to play D3 RoS on their PS3.

Right now I'm participating in the PlayStation Now BETA
which is a new service from Sony, that work similar to Neflix or
any other video streaming service, but instead of streaming
video or music the PlayStation Now will stream video games
from their servers to your PS3/PS4.

Maybe Blizz and Sony could add D3 RoS to that new video game streaming
from Sony, So that way PS3 users would be able to play D3 RoS.

Right now I'm Playing Dynasty Warrior Strike Force from the PlayStation Now servers.
No disk, no downloads, no patch. I just turn on my ps3/ps4 go to the PlayStation Now App
and select which game I would like to play.
I've got a PS3. I have no plans to move to PS4 because of the pay to play and lack of friends who have one. I'd be glad to have ROS on PS3 and 360. Hope you don't mess this up Blizzard. I enjoy all of your games.
I am a ps3 and ps4 owner and i plan on buying it for ps4, but i see nothing wrong with giving it to the ps3 as not everybody has made the switch yet. So yes give it to ps3 as well as ps4 :)
Definitely want this to be on consoles. There is no reason to release a game on a console then fail to support it when all other versions get additional support and/or content.
Yea, is not fair i cant play RoS on my POTATOE!!@!@....
Not only should they add the expansion but also implement the upgrade system from ps3 to ps4 just like Battlefield 4.
I played the original Diablo games of the pc and then switched to the PS3 with Diablo 3. I think it is a great game, and I really enjoy the local co-op. My wife and I have multiple characters and are trying to max out our paragon levels eventually. I really want to get the ROS on PS3. I can't afford to buy another console, game with expansion, and multiple controllers just to play it on ps4. I promise if they make it for the PS3, people will buy it. The PS3 still has life in it.
Make it happen Blizz. I bought it on on PC and I'll buy it for my PS3.
Have D3 PC and PS3 versions, already bought ROS for pc and have level 31 DH on PS3 and really want Reaper of Souls for the PS3.
Please Blizzard make it happen!?

P.S. Love the PS3 version better :)
agreed, we need this expansion for the ps3!
I have a PS3. I enjoy D3 but would really enjoy ROS. Sony's PS4 isn't being bought by me any time in the near or distant future. I'd prefer to stick with my PS3 and I will.
We want RoS on PS3
I won't be buying a ps4 now or in the future. I have a ps3 and am TOTALLY happy with it. I enjoy D3 on ps3, I also bought RoS for PC and am enjoying it immensely. I prefer PS3 version, I mean I can sit on my couch and play the game on a 50in Tv! What's not to love? Put RoS on ps3 and I will throw my money at you. Seriously, won't even think twice about it.
RoS for PS3 please!
Need ros on ps3. Would hate to not have the chance Cuzco I don't have next gen console
too poor to buy a ps4, need RoS for ps3!!!!

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