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Sorry that I haven't been around for the last week and a half. A really bad migraine combined with real life have kept me on the shelf (and even in the Hospital getting a morphine shot for a day and a half :) )for quite a while. I am still not 100% rid of this headache but I am getting there. I may be on sometime over the weekend if I am feeling up to it.

Also, please, if you are going to add me to your friends list, tell me what it is for (ie Crypt runs) otherwise your request will be denied.
hope all gets better dunedeain
Hey mate, hope you're OK. There are many possible causes for migraines, do you know what yours is? I'm sure that once you narrow it down, you'll be able to prevent them more effectively.
That's the thing. We haven't been able to do that. We've gone through everything known to man and then some looking for a cause. Nadda :/ There are certain smells and foods that can cause them, so I stay away from those. Also, too much sunlight (thank goodness I am a gamer huh?? :p )

At this point, they think it might be something hereditary as both my parents get them, as well as both sets of grand parents. <Shrug> Its extremely rare that I get one this bad these days. Usually, I get headaches that will last at most only 3-4 days and I can still function. This one is one of those worst case ones where I have been in bed for a week.
I am really sorry to hear this Dune. I hope you are feeling better and on the road to recovery.

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