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While waiting for RoS is anyone testing out Hearthstone? I haven't played card based games much before but I stumbled onto the Blizzard invitational final Kripp v Artois you tube and it got me intrigued.

Unfortunately, I haven't been blessed by the RNG Beta key gods as yet but, hopefully open beta isn't far away.

I'd be interested to hear what some Aussie players think of it.

Are there any 'equivalent type' games around. I have seen a Magic the Gathering 2014 demo... but it seemed a little uninspiring (in the demo at least).

Thanks in advance and see you in RoS.

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WARNING!!! Hearthstone is addictive. ;)

I play it when catching up on forums/twitter/emails(yes I'm playing it right now) and love it. It's the perfect game to go along with something else, I'm sure some people could play it as there 'main game' but I think it's great to go along with other games.

Blizzard did well in making it casual fun but really addictive as well but it can be competitive if you want it to. I'm rank 16 atm and only spent $3 to get the beta card so really don't need to spend money on it.

Highly recommend trying it. As you said it should be in open beta very soon(tm), make sure you have ticked the box for it in your beta profile if you want to try it though! Lots of keys going out.
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Hi Nurull,

Thanks for the reply. I have had the beta ticked for a while now (a month or so). Haven't been too worried about not getting a key, as I have had plenty of work to do, and as you mention, it does look a little addictive.

Hopefully open beta happens before Christmas or they send out a lot more keys as I'll have some spare time.

I think the initial simplicity with the underlying complexity is what appeals to me. A guy at work received a beta key and he really liked it.

I have done a bit more searching and there doesn't appear to be much in that game genre so I guess I'll just wait it out.

Thanks for the info about RoS in your other posts. Do you think they added enough that so you don't get the 'been there done that' feeling after a little while? [ I'm hijacking my own thread :) ]
Hi boomstick,

ive got a hearthstone beta key you can have if you want, received it via email and considering i am in ROS beta nad just got GT6, i wont have time for any other games :P

add me in game. if you dont have the PTR, ill try to check LIVE every so often
Wow. Thankyou so much Wazz. I haven't downloaded the PTR so I'll jump in Live now and add you.

I was about to go watch the TV so glad I check the forums before I did :)
no probs. will jump on now and try and catch you

better it gets used than go to waste. i like to kill sh!t and drive fast. cant do that with cards :P
Hi Wazz,

The key must have had an error as it didn't accept it.

If it is easier to sen via email then my email is BoomstikDiablo@gmail.com

I think it might have been missing 1 digit... the codes are 25 characters and that one had 6x4=24 :)
bugger, sorry bout that mate. sent through en email
Thanks Wazz,

Got it and it work :)
haha WAZZ being a tease sending only 24 digits. xD
Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Hey guys,

I just received a hearthstone beta key last night. First one ever. I thought it was spam/scam at first but it was legit.

If you get the email from blizz with beta key you will need to download the battle.net desktop app (if you have not done so already) So far played 3 games and very fun :)
Yeah, I snuck in 4 games before work ... Nurull was right about it being addictive :)

Looking forward to spending a few hours on it tonight once the kids have gone to bed.

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