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Hi all,

I don't know if this is obvious to many of you, but thought might be good to have a listing of how the various passives/ability work (esp in light on new legendaries), many of which I have tested. Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of ways to increase damage.

1) Sheet DPS abilities- These abilities/passives will directly increase your sheet DPS. e.g. Sharpshooter, Steady Aim, the new Wolf companion active.

This increases damage for you and your summons (sentries/pets) as their damage is based on a % of your sheet damage.

2) Monster debuff (DH only)- These abilities do not affect your sheet DPS. e.g. Cull the weak, the new Strongarm bracers? These do not impact your sheet DPS. Rather it is a debuff to monsters that applies to the DH only. i.e. If you have CtW equipped, the DH will do more damage vs slowed mobs, your party members will not do more damage vs slowed mobs, your pets/sentries will not do more damage vs slowed mobs. I have tested that CtW on snared enemies do not impact sentry damage.

This increases damage taken by monsters attacked by you but not your summons/allies.

3) Monster debuff (DH + allies)- Similar to (2), these don't affect your sheet DPS. However, the debuff is applied and will benefit all party members/summons.

This increases damage taken by monsters attacked by DH and allies.
I think we should expand on this more on skills being multiplicative or additive to one another. As well, there more things than just passives/abilities.

Also, be careful on how you categorize stats. An example is the way BvE works.

Bonus vs elites from SoJ is applied on your character
Bonus vs elites from Scrolls is applied as a specific monster debuff (also does not work on bosses).

So if you had SoJ and scroll, the bonus would be multiplicative instead of additive.

So something as simple as BvE can't be looked at the same way anymore.


I'm not sure if I can call this a monster debuff (to self). Because something like singled out would need add CHC to whatever CHC you have on your character on hit to calculate if the shot will crit or not. It feels more like a "monster check".

Ambush and cull the weak are different since they can just directly multiply the damage without any rolls where as singled out still needs to roll if crit == true.

I'm not sure if the bonus from ambush and cull the weak are multiplicative to each other.
Sorry to necro this, but I can't find the information anywhere.

I want to believe that +damage debuffs such as Marked for Death, Strongarm Bracers, Mantra of Conviction, etc, all stack additively with themselves and multiplicatively with all other damage sources. I.e., they are in their own bonus group. Do you know if that's true?
Has anyone gotten any more information about this? Im trying to get my calculator working with the new + ele and + skill dmg bonuses and its way off right now.

I have bonus damage from
Steady Aim
+Fire damage
+CA damage

My calc is not showing anything close to the numbers Im seeing in game. Its under by like 30%. Im going to play with skills and gear and try to figure out wtf is going on.

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