Full 288K dps/88K life Witch Doctor for Trade

Witch Doctor
View my profile character "Tooth". Looking to sell for igg in pieces or as a whole. Can replace the AB bracers with a nice pair of lacuni's if you'd like to buy the full char.
very nice gear! I guess it is around 5 bln at present, but in 3-4 months it will cost shet :)

gl with the sale
Hi, great doctor! Are you sticking around for RoS at all?

I'm curious what your standalone item prices are for the following:


GL with sale, and thanks for the info. Will get back to you with best offers I can make.
I might be, gonna play a bit in the next few days and check out RoS info some more.

Feel free to add me in game if you want to talk about any items, I'll think of some individual/full set prices
How much for the set?
Taking offers for now
Hez got a sick set but my opinion i wouldnt pay 5B for it..At most 500M not trying to diss his WD set but see below

Reason why is because once you step into ros and ping at level 70 their rares/legendarys WILL replace the current gear on the WD which means that 5B you spent in 3 months went to waste. So many people is selling their gear for this reason.
u still have him and would trade for a barb

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