WD Christmas Giveaway Set!!!

Witch Doctor
Thank you very much increasing the pool to help out.
I was afk online as I was at work - hopefully I will be able to catch you later.
Thanks again and happy holidays!
I should be online sometime today for both of you to get it. I will hold it until whenever, no worries!

Glad you two are excited you won! I'll make sure to do a run or two with the both of you so you can break in those gears in properly :)
congrats to the winners :).. i hope u guys have fun and enjoy ur new sets!
Thanks man appreciate it, also that'd be really cool! Taking my wife's dad to the airport tomorrow morning so not sure if ill make it on today or not but hopefully tomorrow after dropping him off.
Just received the gift and learned tips on many subjects.
My apologies for being away for several times and missing the chance to talk earlier.

Thank you very much for the help, Tocean and Introver - now I can actually stand still and dps.
And to everyone on this forum, too - thanks for all the support!

Happy holidays and maybe I will bump into some of yous in-game soon:D
dam i'm too late to the party :D, my wd naked.

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