Hardcore : 100 Funny Ways to Die

And this is why I don't like Belial very much

-Doing MP7 crypts and notice your life dropping fast, and while ur wondering why you're not leeching you can't even see your character behind massive mob density, monk cyclones and WD bats. You realize you've been frozen by a hidden elite and die right before you hit Berzerk.

=p true story.
12/30/2013 05:37 PMPosted by lucid8
Just had someone pull an Alvis in my pub game. And yes, it was a monk.

I don't understand this. What/ Who is Alvis?

That is Alvis.
Wow! There's some great stuff in this thread, and most of it is pretty educational for players who are new to hardcore.

I wish I had a funny death to add. Probably the funniest one I ever had happened on the RoS beta server, so it doesn't really count. (When you ask someone to give your level 30-something Crusader the first quest in Act 5, don't go running off headlong into mobs if the guy who opened the game for you was level 70!)

The story:

Image (note little (70) in the upper right corner. D'oh!):

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Zultan Kuhl was so easy, surely Belial will be no problem. And then my first HC character died....
Two more:

- Wife nearly caught me playing by myself. When she reached home earlier than usual and opened the door, I quickly pressed escape and exit the game just to avoid a perma-ban on all PC gamings

- Thought we were so good at being powerlevelled. Me and a friend were being powerlevelled by a WD at A3. We were so agile, running so fast with fleet-footed and a speed shrine. We kept running around the WD, then just before we knew we ran into three towers which exploded.
Befriended known PKer and killed after earning trust.

Fearturing DrBlood

Great stuff VP :)

The first version of my Monk was going along nicely and then:

Good News: Your item sold
Bad News: Your item selling may or may not have had anything to do with the 2000ms lag spike just as Belial thrust his hands into the ground.


I obviously managed a Serenity before dying (BOH was for blazing wrath), but control returned and I was in the middle of all that :P

I am proud of one thing, I did not debase myself by using a potion, though I swear I remember possibly hitting the button.

I no longer carry potions to prevent that possibility. If I need healing, I throw a few bells and run then hell away. :)

My 2nd run through I dropped out of mp10 for Belial fights :)
While in battle, stuck in some natural map environment and couldn't move out.

I remember a while ago there was this WD who said he was stuck at a corner right on top of CoTA, and he actually dropped his MCK onto the ground so that it didn't go RIP together with him.

Anyone still has a link to that post or the screenshot of it?
01/08/2014 06:03 PMPosted by jonassteele
I joined a public A1 hell game, and this lvl 51 DH asks if I can make a game in A3 hell. I asked him if he was sure he could handle it... he said yes. I asked again when we were in the game and even followed him along on my 60 WD to make sure he was safe.... Slain by Fire Wall 10 seconds into Depths lvl 1 RIP

Try out new skills/ gears, and killed due to infamiliarity with the new build/ stats.

Often enough some players would receive some advices on what skills can they use/ switch, or things like the benefit of DW or 2H vs 1H + shield.

I would suggest to play at a lower MP or easier content to test things out first, instead of playing your normal game when you are first time e.g. using MoC (istead of MoE Hard Target) and 2H instead of 1H + shield.

Lagged during crypt prep. Everything stopped moving for about 20 secs.
I admit I was too lazy to read it all so it might be a repetition to smth already said but still ...
Youre newbie on HC, you fly over mobs with great DPS weapons, you start to get sloppy and overconfident and you pick up the rune of death with your wizard....
Archon + blast of 1200% weapon dmg when you turn and you didn t notice the elite pack had a damage reflexion affix ......................... How did you die ? Well I one shoted myself with my own archon ... shut up i dont want to talk about it anymore T_T
Helping a friend powerlevel on MP10 normal. Later, for about 90 seconds, could not figure out why game so hard when I went back to inferno. Drinking involved.
Para.13 barb death to fire wall on inferno mp0

Here is the clarification for "p100 WD hamburger pie"


At about 35 seconds, she basically had her town portal interrupted and had tabbed back to Windows, or was otherwise preoccupied showing a picture on stream of the infamous hamburger pie to be cooked for dinner. A small pack of burrowing leapers took care of the rest.
Open chat box in mp5 crypt run..

01/24/2014 07:13 PMPosted by Hanzo
Open chat box in mp5 crypt run..


That happens a lot to me. I play with chat happy people with more typing skills than I have. They insist on commenting all the time in MP8-10 and I feel obliged to answer.

Yesterday I was like HEH my cyclone strike ain't working, looked at the chat and it showed: iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Never died to it though (yet)

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