IMO, sns/cm wiz is better than barb.

I think having to freeze everything is sooooo op.
and CM is so op.

I am borrowing Silverfire's gg barb gears. so far I only played 5 min of barbs. can't seem to fill fury. may be I gotta learn to play a barb. but for now, I miss my op wiz sns/cm gears....
5 whole minutes? ;)
12/26/2013 08:32 PMPosted by Sedi
5 whole minutes? ;)
I don't think a 2h build is best for starters, fury is a lot harder to manage imo. Good luck with the barbie.
12/26/2013 08:38 PMPosted by HauntedKhan
I don't think a 2h build is best for starters, fury is a lot harder to manage imo. Good luck with the barbie.

This. Also beginning with a non-gen build without learning how to permawrath first. Good chance you're going to flip over your computer desk.
Contrary to what you many have heard, perma-wrath is not always easy, esp. without a fury gen. it does take practice and can be quite frustrating. remember, #1 is to get battle rage/into the fray up and keeping it up, without it, no fury on crit.and you'll stay dead in the water. to spam it i just some weak trash hit me till taking damage gens just enough fury to spam BR, then quickly sprint and whirl on a mob and the yellow globe is instantly full! have fun, it is SO awesome when it works and no crowd control worries, ever!
Don't worry, I will un-noobify him. It'll be a challenge, but I like challenges.

You're in the best possible hands with SF. I feel your frustration tho... I am leveling a wiz (first time) and have to remind myself constantly not to tank descrator/plague/moltens. Completely different play styles for sure!
Not farming whites which is all that matters right now. My <1b barb smoked my 15b+ cm in VSOCs runs.
5 mins =/= best analysis
but for now, I miss my op wiz sns/cm gears....

Yoda, just for you since you miss it so much. Wow!
I changed from a pure HotA to a WW/HotA no-gen build last week. Man, it's so good. Suddenly I understand why everyone plays a ballerina Barb.
12/27/2013 01:26 AMPosted by jenpeezey

Another amazing art skills. :)
From all the challenges and tests I've been following, mostly over on the barb forums, it does seem that barbs are the go to class atm, even though the other classes aren't as far behind as most people thought a while back. From a pure cost/performance standpoint though I think barbs are clearly in the lead still.

Whatever floats your boat as usual, if you only manage to play 1 hour with your barb because you think it's boring but 2-3 hours on a different class, efficiency matters little. Play what you think is fun. I don't think 5 minutes is enough to make any sort of reasonable judgement though :)
12/26/2013 08:34 PMPosted by Ley
5 whole minutes? ;)

5 whole minutes? ;)
barb is op! watching a perma wotb wreck havok was pure joy..
I'm sure barb is op. I still gotta learn how to play barb. but from playing barb briefly, I sort of missed permafreeze. imba cm/permafreeze.

going to see if I can build a 4b barb from using Silverfire's gears as template. My next project.

2h or duel weapons...that is the question. I think 2h would be easier build since gotta find one skorn.

btw, what do you think of this set up? (lintrasu is a low profiled forum luker who builds a high end characters).

note: his barb amulet, champion's badge is as sick as my honor's amulet...pretty much the same except my honor has higher cd and higher AR. but pretty much the same exact stat.
There are lots of knoledgable folks here to help you out but as a monk gone wiz gone barb I can tell you no fury gen skorn barb was the hardest thing to master. However with skorn and the right breakpoints you can ww, ww/rend (whites), or ww/hota (elites or ubers) and do pretty much anything as well as any other class.

The lintrasu build you linked hits the next breakpoint so you should have less trouble generating fury. I can't tell you about the 1.82 bp but at 1.67 I only have trouble against single opponents. That is when hota comes in handy (add a -5 soj and you are golden).

Anyway good luck.
It is OP, but it'll take you a couple hours to really get the hang of it. You need to understand the mechanics of the windup though -- Battle Rage, Sprint then WW and you should be able to get going. You can't let Sprint drop or you'll lose your Tornadoes and with them all your fury-generating procs and most of your DPS. Also once you figure out how to herd large groups into a 2-3 inch wad and circle them tightly enough that you're stacking your sprint tornadoes on top of the whole mass of them, you'll see why it's OP. If you want to run HoTA, save it for elites. If you're having trouble managing Fury against elites, a HoTA SoJ makes a big difference.

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