got 50mil to spend but i dont know what to do

Demon Hunter
anyone can help? what should i be buying and looking out for?
I'm by no means an expert, but typically you want to use 2 piece Inna's (for the dex bonus) and 3 piece Nat's (for crit and dex).

You'll definitely want to pick up Nat's boots. For Nat's cloak, you'll probably want one with AR to make up for the AR you'll lose from swapping out Inna's. Getting a Nat's ring that is an upgrade from yours might be challenging within your budget, but remember that using it will give you that 130 dex set bonus.
I'd hold on to your money and dump all your high level gems before the market tanks, come RoS the latter will be worthless and the former will serve you much better purchasing re-rolls on existing/new gear.
Yeah, you aren't going to get any significant upgrades for 50M, and you will want gold for RoS.

So is there solid evidence higher level gems will drop in RoS? I've only played on the PTR and nothing special is dropping there, are they in beta at level 70 or something?
Yup a lot of Beta testers says Marquis drop like flawless squares at level 61+. The tooltip for master also says 'Imperial Gems' start to drop at this level once you are 61+.

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