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Witch Doctor
Hi All,

Recently started playing a WD and would really do well with some good advice on my gear. I find myself ok up to about mp8 but at mp10 I die a fair bit main when dealing with Elites.

The main reason is I use CoB as my main attack but this means I must be standing still and my LS/LOH is not sufficient to counter.

Coming in from a Wiz I do have lots of IAS and CC gear but now mainly focusing on getting my int up and CC and CD instead. I feel my AS is too slow for LS/LOH to work properly?

Any additional advice on skills (both active and passive) would be much appreciated!

Budget - to 30M

HP Too low Armor Too low for MP10 really. Seems like you're okay with all resist but I would look into
Getting more armor + vit on your marrow, Drop that rare ring for a litany , better average damage mojo. Other then that you seem to be heading in the right direction.
Gloves - definitely better gloves with more CD.
Amulet - I am thinking more along the lines of either Tal Rasha's or something with high Int, average dmg, high CD and CC.
Better Mojo with high dps.
Change from emerald to a ruby in your main.

Personally, change your passives to GF, GI and SV.

No point running haunt and LS. Keep only one and use it for gaining mana. Maybe run Paranoia instead or big bad. But I wouldn't run big bad and hex, either one or the other so para would be my pick.
Thanks guys for the information!

I am trying to upgrade through AH but its very expensive these days.

One thing I can change now is the skill and now using the GF GI SV.
I find myself running out of mana rather often in situations. Should I use SA instead of GF?

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