Almost 100% achievements unlocked !

Bug Report
Hello everyone !

I have finished the achievements on Diablo 3 and i should have 100% of achievements unlocked but it is not the case ... :/

As you can see, I have a bug on this achievment : all is checked but it's not learned.
(In Englis it is : [The Jewel of the East] on Campaign / Act II, I have to "Explore the following areas of Caldeum" ) :

And i should have 4560 points :

So what can I do ? I know I am not the only one with such bugs but that will be great if I or someone can do something.

I hope one day I will have 100% of achievement unlocked ^^)

Good game guys ;)

P.S. : my account is Kroman#2339 on European server
Hello Kroman,

Your problem is part of a larger issue that Blizzard refuses to acknowledge. We've been trying to insist Blizzard take responsibility for this year old bug by having all affected players unite in one post under a generalized name. It is truly laughable that this is still not fixed, The link below will take you to the post I'm referring to.
Ok Thank you Ragnar !

I go post on it ;)

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