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Witch Doctor
So currently I'm at 166k dps and I'm trying to increase that to over 200k. Problem is not exactly sure where to upgrade at. Also I'm trying to run a carnage build that jumbasa posted but I am having trouble staying alive. Any advice on these two problems would be greatly appreciated thanks.

get more HP, get a Mojo with better average damage spread.
Better mojo > get more vit (will probably have to sacrifice all resist to get it thought but the best places for vit for you are legs/mojo/amulet/belt) while getting a bit more armor should make you more durable.

Might want to consider a high vit/armor/all resist/2socket rare pants and do prowlers.
Thanks I'll look into that.
What's Jumbasa's build? No idea.

But as for getting to 200kdps lets have a look.

Weapon - Switch to a Ruby IMO. If you were running a 2H I would say Emerald.
Also look at getting a better +dmg% and higher dps (obvious).

Mojo - Jim is correct in that you should run a better Mojo. Its not actually that bad but you don't get any additional set bonus here so you can easily switch it out. However you lose potentially mana regen and -mana cast for charger.

Boots -
Get 8%+ to poison
More Int and VIT (you may drop Armour and AR here though)

Pants - I think rare pants is better. Get your the 150/int/vit AR, armour and 2 sock here. Whilst you lost DPS here, you should be able to then drop some armour and AR in other places to make up for the DPS loss. Lower AS also leads to a bit better mana management.

Witching hour
Aim for a bit more AS and CD here. 9 and 50 are the max. You will probably lose AR though (I think you have more than enough).

Shouldn't take much more to get to 200k dps. Good luck!~

Overall, I think you also need more VIT to survive.
Wow thanks for all the input. Just what I was looking for.

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