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Hey all,

*Also posted this in the gear help thread but im unsure if it is still active*

Fresh 60 here. Loving WD.

Just wondering what gear i should be looking at upgrading. Besides crafting better gloves and bracers.. should i just be looking at upgrading the same items into better versions?

My good mate can run mp10 with essentially the same gear just better versions.

where do you guys recommend I start?


Build attached so the pros can call me a noob :) ( and hopefully help me out)
Your gear ticks all the boxes, now it's just time to lose the trash stats (gold on chest, lightning on belt) and get bigger numbers of the stats you do have.

Also since you're using bats, if you consider using honored guest over jaunt, you should be able to replace widowmakers with something else, eg. pestilence for grabbing aggro. This one is a personal play style decision though.
awesome. thanks for the help man. good to know im on the right track

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