Fiery Runes II: Vaeflare's Season's Wishes

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Holyknight3000: Evening everyone!

This piece is unique in a lot of ways. One it is the first time ever that a fiery runes wallpaper has ever had a white background, and two; its an official Christmas art piece used with permission by the one and only Vaeflare. I am honored to use this piece and thrilled at how this came out. I decided to try a white BG and nearly stopped there then tweaked the image so that the background was only them and the runes around them like a frame. I also decided to make the runes more subtle and as with all my Christmas FRS walls I made them alternating red and green. I also didn't use the nameplate this time either since I thought it would detract from the piece as a whole and just added our names at the bottom in an arch fashion.

I also added some snow effects to finish the piece as a whole.

You can find Vaeflare's original works below:

Official Piece: | Fan Art Original:

Also Vaeflare would like to say a few words as well!


Vaeflare: Hey there!

First off, I'm deeply honored that you made a wallpaper out of my holiday image, so thank you again for that.

In terms of the piece, I'm good buddies with some of the artists on the Diablo III development team (they're _awesome_), and when I brought up the possibility of creating new pieces for the holidays, we decided to all go at it together. While I've done a number of Blizzard fan art over the years, this is the first time one of my illustrations has been approved and featured in an official capacity, which means a lot me!

For my piece, I knew I wanted to do something that was sweet and seasonal while still "Diablo-y," and as soon as I had the idea of illustrating a Fallen child receiving a Fallen Hound puppy as a gift, I knew I just had to make it happen.

I haven't really drawn many children, so he was definitely the bigger struggle of the two figures, but I'd like to think that they will be friends for life, and this is the start of a great adventure for the two of them. In many ways, I also feel like I put a lot of myself into this piece (aside from the Fallen Hound that shares my avatar), because no matter how heated the forum debates get, I still share in the passion of the Diablo III community, and I love you guys for that.

If you're curious, the original/unused concept I ran with is also available here: but that one wasn't up-to-snuff, and should be considered fan art. I've also enclosed two work-in-progress shots I thought you might enjoy. The first is my rough sketch that started it all!

Sketch & WIP

I hope you have a great evening!

Kimberly "Vaeflare" LeCrone


Thank you Vae, I hope you all enjoy this piece and have a Happy New Year. See you in 2014!

Diablo III (C) Blizzard
Seasons Wishes by Vaeflare
Fiery Runes by me
Snow effect used from Snow Texture VI by Moosplauze
Created, arranged, and finished in CS3

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