WTS HC WD set 20mil,can solo inferno Diablo!

Witch Doctor
I just did it, it was pretty easy, my health never dipped below 80%, was MP=1 too.

Total set (all legendary) and gems together cost me around 19.5 million (I got some sweet deals too), you are basically paying 500k for all of the effort I put into making this set. I am selling because I want to roll a new toon.

Just look at my toon or here http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/prometheus-1743/glancealot/38645057 for more details.


41k dps
63k life
662~764 resist
4244 armor
-21% damage taken from elites
1700 life regen (only gears)
500 Life on Hit
24% running speed perfect for farming

Prometheus #1743

Also selling HC inferno Diablo kills, 1 million per kill.

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