PTR v Beta

Demon Hunter
Well I was surprised how much harder the elite combos got in PTR but I quickly found my build of choice and the survival was a 'simple' matter

1) underwhelmed by eDPS the plvl is yielding
2) decent survival is obtained with some plvl expenditure

3 diamonds (126 currently)
+528 LoH paragon
+160AR paragon

and that really did it
a matter of taking 6% DPS in emeralds for about 12% eHP in diamonds and the defense/utility is pretty much free toughness

Very underwhelmed with 'splash' unless you are running with a vortex/hurricane barb/monk so there was no need since I have no major splash upgrades in ptr. [how that compares to beta(?)]

final numbers are 54k life 750 all resistance (660k Toughness @327kpds upto 515k shsh**) pretty much puts you in tank status for master /players4 and able to nearly stand in 1-2 ground FX. this might be overkill for some of you but this is when I felt most comfortable to ToC through elites (+M4D:ME for massive hatred proc) FoK:PpA + LFB them without worry.

what is 'frightening: the amount of survival it takes to handle something like SB, (i have 0 problem with reflection packs but) this guy takes 100% survival effort to not self gib - I must go full out Brooding + perfectionist + Guardian sentry + gloom + m4d Death Toll, CA:Maelstrom and FoK(armor) AND down grade to an 1,300 dps bow with +600LOH amethyst.

even then I have to be a tad careful when unloading this how beta will feel in T4 everywhere? there is no way I am going to game at that level of tankishness.. ill just go monk if that's what It takes

(**note that Nyan gave me a 2000 dps bow so the opening nuke speed on her is ridic'.got 15% FoK shoulders and the PpA is 5-6m vs elites, could hit 7-8 with wolf)

oh yah merrry xmas DH forum
time to eat!
Mmm good food. :)

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